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Tesla Model S P85D vs Snowmobile Drag Race on Ice

Tesla Model S vs. Snowmobile  (c) Petter Handeland
Tesla Model S vs. Snowmobile
(c) Petter Handeland

We know that the Tesla Model S P85D is insanely fast, but just how fast is it really?  The numbers speak for themselves – 0 to 60mph (100kph) in 3.4 seconds, a top speed of 250 kph (155 mph), 515kW (691 hp) of power, and 930Nm (685 ft-kb) of torque.

These all sound impressive, but isn’t it easier to understand the results of a drag race?  That’s just what these Norwegian dudes did on a skating rink called Tisleia in Gol, Norway.  They raced the Tesla Model S P85D with a snowmobile is called Lynx Boondocks. It’s a very zippy snowmobile with an 800 cc engine and around 160 hp (119 kW) of power. Owner Sondre Bjøberg says that you put the pedal to the medal and the acceleration is “surreal,” like a very fast motorcycle.  So it’s not exactly a pushover.

And so the two line up at the starting line and race on a plowed strip of snow covered ice.  When the “green light” goes, the Tesla engine “roars” louder than the snowmobile.  It might as well be, as the Tesla leaves the snowmobile in the dust, or more appropriately, cold in its tracks.

Well, not really, but the Tesla Model S P85D showed who ruled the ice that day.

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  1. What have kilo potatoes hour got to do with speed?
    Or maybe you meant km/h? The “kilo” multiplier without the most important word, the unit “meter,” is a bit useless. My teacher always used to ask me if I was counting potatoes whenever I wrote “k” instead of “kg,” I got the lesson, so I am throwing the potato at you now!

    I guess there was not many green news on Sunday if you had to resort to this kind of article, better take the day off as God WDNE intended, then. 😉


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