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Waternest 100 – Wonderful Floating Solar Powered Home Design



Italian architect Gianncarlo Zema has designed a floating, solar-powered home he called “Waternest 100.”

The Waternest 100 is made of recycled timber and a recycled aluminum hull, and includes skylights, balconies and large windows.

On top of the floating house, there’s a huge amorphous-cell solar panel, for the inhabitants to be grid independent with the 4 kWh it generates (of course, depending on the weather).

The Waternest 100 has been designed to be 98% recyclable, and its energy consumption to be kept at a minimum by a natural micro-ventilation air conditioning system. It can float on any lake or calm water. This is essential, given the prognoses climate scientists make lately.

Here are some pictures of Waternest 100:

WaterNest-100-08 WaterNest-100-07 WaterNest-100-06 WaterNest-100-05 WaterNest-100-04 WaterNest-100-01


all pictures (c) Giancarlo Zema


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