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Nissan Infiniti M35 Hybrid, To Be Launched Next Year, Drastically Improves Mileage


Nissan is planning to launch a new hybrid electric version of their luxury car Infiniti M35 Hybrid at the beginning of next year. Due to its new proprietary hybrid system, the car will be capable to compete against other full hybrids.

According to Koichi Hayasaki, Infiniti’s first in-house hybrid will differ from Honda’s mild hybrid and Toyota’s full hybrid.

Unlike Toyota, which uses two electric motors, Nissan claims its hybrid is composed of a single electric motor and twin clutches, making it simpler and lighter than its competitors. Furthermore, it will also use lithium ion batteries which get charged by the engine while driving, instead of cheaper but less energy dense nickel metal hydride.

Nissan officials said the new hybrid power-train technology will improve fuel efficiency by 60-90%. “Typically, carmakers say the fuel economy improvement on their cars using a ‘strong’ or ‘full’ hybrid system is roughly 30 percent, while for ‘mild’ hybrids, it’s 15 percent. We’re aiming for an improvement of 60 to 90 percent.” added Koichi Hayasaki, chief engineer of Nissan’s rear-wheel-drive hybrid system.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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