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NLiteN 2D-Lux LED Bulb Puts Conventional Bulbs to Shame

NLiteN 2D-Lux - The Smartest LED Light on the Planet?
NLiteN 2D-Lux – The Smartest LED Bulb on the Planet?

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about a new LED bulb that, thanks to unique manufacturing, is one of the cheapest and most-efficient light bulbs that exist. Even better, the dimmable and programmable, smart version, the NLiteN 2D-Lux is available for a few days at just $10.

What started out as simple replacement bulb, the NLiteN 2D-Lite, offering unprecedented efficiency in a cheaper package, has grown up, but we’re not calling it version 2.0. The new LED bulb, the NLiteN 2D-Lux, like the 2D-Lite, fits in a standard light socket, but is much smarter. Equipped with an integrated USB port, an Amtel microcontroller, and hardware expansion capability, the 2D-Lux can become the smartest light in the world, if you program it correctly.

Hardware expansion will allow the addition of modules, shields, to add functionality, such as microphones, motion sensors, Bluetooth or WiFi modules, and others. The microcontroller can be programmed via built-in USB and can respond to control via smartphone app. Apps and shields will be developed and available on iLumens.com. LED bulbs are already up to 70% more efficient than compact fluorescent light [CFL] bulbs, and better than 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. With the proper programming, a smart LED bulb could be even more efficient.

In an effort to build up funding for entry into the Philips Innovation Fellows Competition, NLiteN is running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. For just $10, Indiegogo.com supporters will get an NLiteN 2D-Lite [or $20 for the 2D-Lux], but only until 11:59PM EST.

Image © NLiteN

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