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Peugeot iOn Electric Car to be Launched by the End of This Year


Peugeot is planning to launch a new electric car, called iOn, by the end of this year, more precisely at Christmas. The electric vehicle’s battery pack (produced by Lithium Energy from Japan), needs only six hours to be fully recharged from a 220v socket.

According to some reports, Peugeot iOn consumes about 1.5 Euros per 100 kilometers, so the perfect time for the charging operation is during the night to keep the prices as low as possible. If your house is equipped with some alternative energy sources such as small wind turbines or solar panels, the price per km will drop dramatically.

Peugeot’s new electric car has six airbags, standard traction control, power steering, central locking with remote control, trip computer, aluminum wheels, rear adjustable driver’s seat height and rear seatbacks recline and folding.

The air conditioning system is also powered by the battery. Some solar panels would have been welcome here.

[Source: FFOG]

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