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Plants That Glow In The Dark Might Replace Home Lighting Systems


the-glowing-plants-in-the-movienbspavatarnbspmight-actually-have-some-real-life-useThe latest innovation in the field of genetic modification is set to create a unique kind of bioluminescent plants, which have the potential to replace home lighting installation systems, and why not even street lamps.

A team of scientists based in California is trying to raise funding for their one a kind project. Their aim is to use synthetic biology techniques and genome compiler’s software, in order to implant bioluminescence genes into a small plant called Arabidopsis and make it glow in the dark.

To do this, the project creators are planning to use the well-known method of Agrobacterium, which involves inserting of printed DNA into a special bacteria, which will then insert its own DNA into the plant. The result will be tiny seeds, which will produce plants that glow in the dark as they grow.

The initiators of the idea are looking to raise $65,000. They promise that everyone, who donates more than $150 will receive seeds that they can plant in their own homes.

Although the idea is quite a way off a complete success, only the fact that the plants are clean, cheap, do not require special lighting conditions and can be disposed of at any given time, makes it already a very attractive investment.

It might be a surprise to some, but scientists have already been developing glowing organisms since the 80s. Various animals have been made uncharacteristically luminous, although this is probably against some animal rights.

The key in making plants glow in the dark though, is that there is a very little chance for the fern to run away when you most need light, as probably many glowing pets would.

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