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Toyota Recalling 106,000 First Gen Priuses Worldwide for Steering Issues


After the faulty braking pedal, Toyota is recalling yet another Prius model, the first version ever built and sold in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world – 2001 to 2003. A total of 106,000 Priuses will be recalled world wide for a steering issue, this time.

The issue is mechanical by nature – nothing to fuel the laughter of those who combat every car that has a battery. The nuts that fasten a part called the pinion shaft in the steering gear-box assembly can loosen over time. That only happens if the driver steers hard to the maximum point several times (I guess by the number of thousands).

There’s nothing dangerous about this, though. The only inconvenience is that in time drivers will notice they need more muscle power to steer to the left.

The issue is fixable, anyway, and the repair is only going to last about four hours, depending on the dealer’s load. If you happen to own such a Prius you can find more information on www.toyota.com/recall.

Either way, Toyota will send a notice to all of the affected owners beginning next month.

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