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Record Drop in EU’s Greenhouse Gas Emission Levels For 2011


2014412984Earlier this week the European Environment Agency (EEA) announced a record drop of 3.3% in greenhouse gas emissions for 2011.

The greenhouse gas emission levels for 2011 are the lowest since 1990, according to the report released by EEA. According to the agency, although the cold winter of 2010 together with the rebound in economies increased the energy use in many European countries,  EU is on the right track for meeting the emission targets for 2020.

However, Jacqueline McGlade, head of the EEA, warned that there are still countries within the EU, which increase their use of carbon fuels. The main reason for this is the imported shale gas fuel from the U.S.

The use of fossil fuels consumption, and especially burning of coal, has increased in Bulgaria, Romania and Spain, while Britain, France and Germany have shown the greatest reduction.

The EEA will release the statistics for 2012 later on this year, however EU predicts a likely drop of 2% for the period between 2011 and 2012.


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