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ReCycle One Step Closer to Its First 100% Recycled Aluminum Bicycles


recycled bikesReCycle, the bicycle manufacturer, is edging closer to the release of its very first 100% recycled aluminum bicycles. Apart from the attention garnered by a bike made only with 100% recycled aluminum, it also includes distinctive features that are a real improvement.

For instance, some models will have belts rather than chains, with the saddles and grips being make out of cork. ReCycle is looking to use a Kickstarter campaign to finance this first outing.

The disadvantage though, is that these bikes will be rather expensive. The Moshi Moshi model is priced at $2000 whereas the mBula and the Mudmaste will also be priced around the same range.

CNET’s Amanda Koozer writes, “The price tag may put some buyers off, but it’s not crazy for a high-end bike, much less one fashioned out of recycled aluminum.” She continues, “If the company gets off the ground, it’s hoping to eventually implement a program through which customers can bring in used aluminum items and have them turned into a new bike. Better start saving up your Red Bull cans.”

The proposed bicycle obviously shares some characteristics with a cardboard bike that recently went viral, though with some evident differences as well. For instance, the cardboard bike’s price is a reported $5-12.

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