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Recycling Your Old Gadgets Now Easier Than Ever


Recycling Old Gadgets

Not recycling your old gadgets has real consequences for the planet. Therefore, their proper disposal is a moral thing to do in the 21st century.

Some of your old electronics can be sold, but it is almost impossible to find buyers for something like a boxy TV from 2003 or a broken Xbox. Therefore, you have to get rid of them in order for them to be recycled.

There is no national law stating that you have to recycle electronics. However, at least 26 states have passed rules regarding it. Almost all of them dictate that the bill for recycling is footed by the companies. Most provide some local programs to help you get rid of your stuff, regardless of whether it is mandatory or optional.

One of the ways to recycle your gadgets is to go to nationwide retailers store. Best Buy can help you with recycling most of your old gadgets for free but will charge a fee of$25 per item if you want to drop your television or monitor.

Staples offer some additional programs. For example, you can recycle a printer and get $50 off a new one. Also, you can get $2 for every used ink cartridge that you bring. You can bring up to 7 items per day, but they will not accept a TV or monitor.

Office Depot is the last option, and it is not free. They do not care about what you recycle, and all you have to do is buy Tech Recycling Box. It costs $5,$10, or $15 depending on the size. You can fill it with as many things as you want.

Recycling through the manufacturer is another option. Most of them can even buyback your gadget if it is still usable and relatively new. Also, most of them cover all of the expenses and take care of everything. Usually, they recycle only items produced by them, but there are some exceptions, such as Apple (they can even buy back some of the other brands’ old gadgets), that will accept items from other brands too. Some examples of companies that provide a recycling option are Amazon, Apple, Dell, Epson, Hp etc.

If you want to recycle a phone, you have some exclusive options. You can go to any major carrier and either trade in your old device or let them straight up recycle it. Other programs are Call2Recycle and Cell Phones for Soldiers. The second one accepts phones in any condition and sells them to refurbishers or recyclers. The profit goes on purchasing phone cards for troops so they can call their friends and family back home.

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