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Renault Zoe 2015 to Have New, More Efficient Electric Motor


Renault Zoe, the concept electric car I saw four years ago at the Paris Auto Show, is growing up. Renault has replaced the old motor with a new, more efficient one.

The announcement was made at a special event in Paris today, along with other improvements in their internal combustion engines lineup.

The new air-cooled motor allows for an 8% improvement in rangeĀ – so less range anxiety for the anxious ones. It is also 10% smaller, hence lighter. Zoe’s range figure currently lies somewhere above 200 kilometers per charge.

Since the debut in 2010, Renault and all the other manufacturers have sold a combined 200,000 plug-in electric cars. Tesla, however, is the king of them all, while Renault has the cheapest ones.

The new electric motor will be mounted on all the Zoes starting with spring 2015.

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