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Renewable Energy Use Rising Steadily Despite Policy


Believe it or not, but the use of renewable energy is steeply increasing across the world, passing from a global average of 13.6% in 2012 to an expected 26% globally in 2020, according to a REN21 and World Energy Council report, whereas the use of gas, coal and oil combined has decreased of nearly 2% in the period 2005-2016.

Furthermore, the global oil crisis, started by 2015, generated from saturation of the market with an offer higher than the demand, led to a drop in oil price and job cuts in most of the oil producing countries, reaching the amount of 350,000 people laid off from the oil and gas industries all over the world.

On the other hand, in the past years the renewable energies have seen a rise in job creation of up to 1200% compared to the rest of the US economy and 6% worldwide, as stated in Bloomberg news and in the report conducted by the Environmental Defense Fund and the Meister Consultant Group.

Everywhere in the news, including the mainstream ones, which are often side-lining with the oil and gas industry, we can read of new technologies in the renewable energy sector enhancing the production of energy at lower costs for the public.

Could you imagine that in the Netherlands the investments by the private sector and individual citizens has increased so much that the government has decided to start reducing public funding in renewable energies?

Well, that is true, according to a Reuters’ article of December 2016, Netherlands, one of the countries that has the most developed electric grid around the world when talking about renewable energies, has decided to stop subsidizing the sector due to a rapid increase of investment by individual citizens and private industries.

Are all these good news? Well to somebody this sounds not good enough; indeed the new US president has decided to walk away from the commitments taken by Barack Obama, as renewable energies in his opinion are not good enough for creating jobs.

He has slashed public funding on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and he has called global warming a hoax, claiming that only by increasing investments in the military, drilling and mining sectors “he can make America great again”. The military, oil and gas industries have finally received the news they wanted to hear for a long time, time will tell if these sectors will be able to generate as many jobs as the renewable energies will do.

The past years have thought us to respect our mother nature as natural disasters can be prevented by natural conservation programs and the reduction in use of polluting substances, which have been 1mainly the causes for the past natural disasters.

Probably the new US president has a new plan, increasing natural disasters to generate jobs in the reconstruction and emergency sectors… or probably he just does not care about the environment as the funds received by the gas and oil industries for his electoral campaign were more attractive than thinking about his own people’s sake.

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  1. Dear Sir’s

    Pls kindly put in Consideration to the Future Huge Contribution of Wave Energy especially the New Super Efficient W.J.Gabriel Buoy’s that can produce electricity in Lakes ,Seas ,Oceans any where in the World, also the New Anaerobic W.J.Anaerobic Engine consuming the W.J.Anaerobic Fuels that can produce super Clean Electricity with the highest Efficiency Starting with Minimum 73.4% any where in World with no limitation of Altitude and /or Humidity, and hopefully soon will propel the Most Pollutant Vessels and will provide the needed Propulsion to the W.J.Commercial Submarines.
    Yours Faithfully for the World Population
    Joshoua Waldhorn

    • Dear Mr Joshoua,

      Do you have any further information or links about Wave Energy and the Anaerobic Engine? I have heard about them, but I never found some scientific articles regarding the topic. Where can i found more about it?

      Best regards,
      Davide Celotto


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