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Tesla More Valuable than Ford and GM Right Now


Last week, Tesla has become a real challenge for all car makers on the stock market. In a period of economic descent for the biggest actors in the car business, Tesla has been posting a rise of about 7% on yearly basis in the past years, overtaking the positions, according to Financial Times and New York Times, of Ford and General Motors in 2017.

This may indicate a new orientation on the global car market towards new technologies based on higher safety standards (e.g. self-driving vehicles) and low or zero emissions in the environment.

Although, the global market share belonging to Tesla Inc. is still one of the smallest among companies like GM, Fiat Chrysler or Ford, the company is expanding its production at a breath-taking level.

Indeed, it produced nearly 76,300 cars from the date of foundation until the 31st December 2016, close to its target set at 80,000 units, but it is aiming to increase its production for reaching potentially 500,000 vehicles sold per year by the end of 2018, which would amount to a six fold growth within two years.

Tesla’s cars are, hence, becoming an attractive source of investments for people across the globe, due to its performance on the stock market and its innovative ideas, which are leading the company to revolutionize the production of vehicles and integrate it with inversions on clean energy production companies, such as SolarCity Corp.

Moreover, the new Tesla Model 3, which should be released in 2017, will have a cost of circa US$35,000 compared to the luxury and SUV models sold for nearly US$100,000, giving the company the opportunity to reach an even broader public of potential buyers.

The competition is becoming a pressing point for the other carmakers worldwide to adapt. The new US administration, that once thought to curb the margins obtained in the past years by Tesla, has welcome Mr Musk, CEO of Tesla, among the business advisory council of President Trump. Therein, the global electric vehicle market may soon start following the innovative example offered by Tesla. If they would not like to be cut out of the market, that is.

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