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Revetec Controlled Combustion Engine: 50% less fuel, 100% power


I always said that the future of energy is hydrogen/electric-based, with the Sun power playing an important role in the whole business. On the other hand, it also seems that many companies try to do their best in providing alternative solutions to our problems, based on the same old problems, and that is the fossil fuel. Anyway, the engine solutions they develop are very good and economic, but it’s like trying to quit smoking gradually (anyone who tried knows you can’t do that).

A good example of a better combustion engine is the one recently patented by Revetec, a small company from Australia. Their engine has been tested by independent parties. It has the same power as an ordinary engine, but it consumes half the fuel and it weights 50% less. It’s also smaller than the average car engine.

They even have a prototype, called X4v2. The engine’s core is made of two counter rotating multilobate cams, which are acted upon by two pairs of diametrically opposed pistons which are rigidly interlinked by connecting rods.

Here are some pictures of its movement, for your better understanding:

The X4v2 has a huge amount of torque over a much larger range of rpm than a conventional internal combustion engine. According to them, a you could see a 30% reduction in fuel consumption and a 30% reduction in emissions if you use the full acceleration power of the X4v2 all the time. This would provide a 20% increase in acceleration capabilities.

Still, this innovation is a good thing for short-term, until other “fueling” methods are discovered for our cars. It were better if this engine was invented several decades ago… we would not have been this close to the edge.

Here’s a short video of a trike using the new Revetec X4v2 combustion engine:

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  1. hi ireally appreciate this type of engine because i am also working on same invention but not perfectly succeed till but trying hardly,
    if department who is also working on same project pls help me because group of minds can change the world………. feel free to email me for any information [email protected]


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