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San Francisco to Become the EV Capital of the U.S.


evchargerSan Francisco wants to become one of the major green cities in the world by installing electric vehicle charging station.

Negotiations have started between Coulomb Technologies, an electric vehicle charging station developer, and San Francisco City Hall represented by Mayor Gavin Newsom to install three electric vehicle charging stations in the city. This will include charging points for City CarShare and Zipcar plug-in hybrid vehicles.

It seems that San Francisco City Hall made another deal earlier this year with another electric vehicle charging station developer Better Place as the city wants to become the “EV Capital of the U.S.”.

Coulomb Technologies have installed last month three charging station in San Jose, California.

The three electric chargers in San Francisco will be used for a two-year demo while the startup’s business model has a subscription plan. Charging prices go up to $50 per month for unlimited charging at anytime.

Richard Lowenthal, CEO of Coulomb Technologies announced a new green feature for fleet management products. The new service can see which electric cars from the fleet are available and fully charged. As well it can send notes to the fleet manager on a smart phone to remind the car drivers to plug in the vehicles, and alert the manager if unauthorized persons open the vehicles.

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