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First American GM Hybrid Sold in the US Cheaper than Prius


2009 Saturn Aura HybridSaturn Aura is going to be the first hybrid GM is launching on the US market,  as a direct competitor for Toyota Prius. Only in 2006, Toyota sold 107,000  Prius units, creating a big popularity of the hybrid.

To compete with the well-known Prius, GM will launch the Saturn Aura vehicle, based on the Aura model, “an absolutely first-rate, terrific vehicle,” (Joseph Phillippi of the AutoTrends Consulting in Short Hills, N.J.).

The biggest advantage in the competition will be the price Aura will be sold  for: $22,695 as a start. This is $100 less than Prius hybrid and the car will be available in showrooms starting from this month.

Tax reduction: While Toyota Prius owners will get only a $787 federal tax break starting from April, Saturn Aura owners can get a $1,300 tax break. The federal program created to encourage the purchase of environment-friendly hybrids involves a gradual reduction of the credit granted. The tax credit will eventually be eliminated as more and more models are sold.

Economy: Aura Green Line’s EPA fuel economy rating is rated 28 miles per gallon in the city and 35 mpg on the highway.

As technical details, Aura is equiped with a GM alternator starter system, 2.4L Ecotec engine working together with an electric motor/generator and EBC brake rotors. The 4T45-E four-speed automatic transmission will make the car move.

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