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Reducing Global Warming With a Huge Space-Mounted Mirror Shade


con-fea-02-image-03Humans have always wanted to feel themselves in control of everything until things got out of control. The current global warming issue is the most serious problem we have ever faced, and this is because our greed for energy got out of our sense and control, even if there were important economic yields that could have stopped or slowed it down.

Now, as scientists say we are on a point of no return with global warming, they are also giving us solutions that could patch the problem and bring us to the pre-industrial climate.

Dr. Roger Angel, from the University of Arizona, theoretically demonstrated that if we threw some trillions of mirrors (better said refracting lenses) in outer space, within a 100,000 square miles area, just one million miles above the Earth, between us and the Sun, the global warming would lower significantly and all current problems will be solved.

Unfortunately, this could be done with immense expenses and in 30 years from now. Additionally, we should keep the trend of stopping pollution until then (and after).

The researchers estimated the cost of the entire operation to about $350 trillion, but they say it’s worth every penny – they even got a NASA funding for building a test “gun” that would throw the mirrors into space, from the surface of the Earth.

The Telegraph quotes him:

“He constructed the four-metre long cannon in his workshop in Sandlake, Oxfordshire, for a TV documentary investigating the sun shield theory.

He said: “The gun was horrendously dangerous. This was the first gun I’d ever built.

I knew I could put it together safely but at the end of it all I didn’t know what I was going to get.

It was immensely dangerous. I was attempting to build a gun to produce 1,500G of force but it ended up creating about 10,000G and we had to turn the power down.

Most weapons used by the army produce 100Gs of force so our gun was about 100 times more powerful.

The main danger was electrocution because it used enough power to boil 44,000 kettles.

If you were working with normal levels of electricity you could get a shock and be fine, but if you got a shock off this you would be dead – no question.

We’ve proved it’s possible to build a scaled-down version of the gun needed to get these lenses into the air so it’s just a matter of scaling up the designs for the real thing.”

So, the technology is already available, we would only need more time perfecting every detail and gathering the money for this. Some say we might as well use this money to build carbon-sequestration devices all over the world, but I don’t know if that’s enough.  The mirrors Dr. Angel wants to launch would last for 50 years, after which they would have to be replaced. They still don’t know the impact this invention would have on Earth’s ecosystems – and that’s the main issue.

Watch the video below for more detailed explanations:

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  1. This sounds like an awful idea. How many ecosystems would you destroy from a diminished amount of sunlight. You would effectively destroy more life than you would save. This is like trying to sun a sunburn with liquid nitrogen.

    Horrible idea.


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