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Shelby Ultimate Aero EV: World's Fastest EV Uses 10-Minutes Charging Battery


shelby-super-carAbu Dhabi International Motor Show witnessed a shocking announcement made by Shelby Super Cars manufacturer. Shelby announced that later this year an electric version of its Ultimate Aero will be made. The move was quite daring considering the fact that most of the oil barons supported this show.

Shelby representatives confirm the Ultimate Aero EV has a lithium ion battery pack that can be fully charged from a 110 volt AC outlet in 10 minutes.

The autonomy of the battery has 200 miles range and with a special configuration of dual-motors the powertrain can produce up to 1,200 horsepower.

If this powertrain can truly meet above specifications, Shelby will revolutionize electric cars. Fortunately, the event is soon to be seen, around 10 months from now.

Shelby already announced they are working on a electric version of the Ultimate Aero since last year in July. Shelby said its electric powertrain “will feature a revolutionary power source allowing for extended time between charging intervals with the possibility of several years between charging.”

[via reviews.cnet.com]

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  1. Wow!! That’s amazing. 200 miles on ~1/2 charge on a normal car battery. On just .275 KWh. Weee. How about a car that runs on a single aspirin tablet for life! How about a semi-truck that runs on spit for 5 million miles… now were talking!


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