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Small Methanol Fuel Cells Powering Soldiers’ Equipment


jenny-600s_1In times of war electricity is very important as it helps you transmit data and information from and to the combat units. But a very heavy battery which has as well a large volume isn’t the best solution if you need to stay alert all the time and move a lot. But what if all this gear can be changed to a smaller, lighter and also green battery?

Germans have introduced this week a wearable fuel cell which is based on the award-winning unipolar stack technology design. Called Jenny 600S, the fuel cell delivers 25W for up to 20h. Jenny 600S uses replaceable liquid methanol fuel cartridges and can be worn in a vest.

This fuel cell can reduce the weight of batteries carried by soldiers up to 70%. The Jenny fuel cell works silently in any position and automatically recharges batteries when needed.

Smart Fuel Cell (SFC) – developers of this fuel cell – won with their invention in the U.S. Department of Defense’s Wearable Power Competition against big names.

SFC system uses non pressurized methanol and has received approval in tests from Army Research Lab and Natick Soldier Center. Low pressure makes the cell safer compared to pressurized gases like hydrogen, propane or butane.

Probably things will not stop here. Smaller and more efficient portable fuel cells are yet to come. Maybe we will see such an application for civilians as well in the future.

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