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Passengers Passing by Stockholm Central Station Reduce 25% of Used Heating Energy


Stockholm’s Central Station, the largest and the most crowded railway station in Sweden, has opened on July 18, 1871. This railway station offers many high quality services and is one of the most modern in Northern Europe. In the last period, though, it confronted with an issue: large amounts of money spent on energy.

Therefore, Swedish environmentalist scientists thought of some alternative and useful new sources of energy, besides the already common wind and sunlight. All of a sudden, THE idea crossed their minds: the human body. It appears that our bodies represent an outstanding source of alternative energy.

Sweden is a country with very low temperatures and a lot of heat is required. Jernhusen, a nationwide company, decided to use body heat in order to warm up Stockholm’s Central Station. Body heat is a naturally produced energy resource, but it’s regularly discarded through air conditioning systems.

There are more than 250,000 people that pass through the Central Station, doing sports, taking their dogs for a walk or performing other activities which generate heat, so a method of channeling that heat to warm up the entire building was discovered.

The body heat is transferred into water-filled pipes by installing heat exchangers in the ventilation system. The water is pumped into the heating system, thus warming up the building. In accordance to the station manager’s statements, this system provides a 25% reduction of the heating costs.

Furthermore, Klas Johnasson, one of the scientists who developed this system, points out that a huge quantity of heat is generated by the surplus body heat. He is seemingly amazed by the fact that people didn’t think about this earlier. Taking into account the high prices of fuel and the insufficient supplies of gas and oil, Stockholm’s Central Station may be an example to others who might want to use this precious “human” resource.

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