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Strataclear Technology Reduces Vehicle CO2 Emissions by 25%

Vehicle Equipped with Stratclear Technology Emits 25% Less Carbon Dioxide
Vehicle Equipped with Stratclear Technology Emits 25% Less Carbon Dioxide

Strataclear, a new technology developed by Ryncosmos, aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by sequestering it into disposable solid material cartridges. Strataclear can be scaled for use in homes or vehicles.

Recent legislation regarding the future of vehicle carbon dioxide emissions have put the industry into a frenzy developing vehicles with better fuel economy.

Burning less fuel generates less carbon dioxide, which is probably the easiest way to reduce these emissions, but there are other ways as well. Carbon dioxide sequestration is another method.

Ryncosmos expects to be able to install Strataclear technology on vehicles as factory emissions-reduction equipment, which could reduce light vehicle carbon dioxide emissions by 25%, according to their estimates. It should also be available as an aftermarket add-on for existing vehicles, possibly as a dealer-installed add-on. The system takes the place of the vehicle’s exhaust system, where it routes the raw exhaust through cartridges filled with a solid material that absorbs carbon dioxide. Strataclear doesn’t impede the flow of exhaust, and the cartridges are to be easily replaceable.

The system “makes use of available space in the vehicle” to recover carbon dioxide from the exhaust, but the website doesn’t explain exactly how much space is required. The cartridges are expected to be recycled by companies that can use the carbon dioxide for industrial uses, but I’m not sure how much space drivers are willing to give up in their trunks for such a technology, which might reduce acceptance.

I would like to see Strataclear scaled up to reduce or eliminate power plant carbon dioxide emissions as well, which would clean up the carbon footprint associated with electric vehicle recharging.

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