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Study: Spraying Water In The Air Reduces Global Warming


water-sprayNew patent to reduce global temperature: inventor Ron Acer said that spraying ocean water in the air around deserts, major arid areas or windy places near to water will cool down the Earth temperature.

To have his global thermostat implemented Giga tons of ocean water must be sprayed into the air at around 200 feet around African, South American and Mediterranean coasts.

A highly known scientist has roughly simulated the idea on a lower scale and found that the “refrigerator” reduces the global temperature by nearly 1 degree Fahrenheit every 30 years.

Even if the idea looks at this moment a bit loony, this can work of course like every brilliant ideas that the world has seen. The inventor surely thought as well about reducing desert expansion, increase natural irrigation of crops and increasing the energy output of hydroelectric power plants.

Costs estimations for this project are quite “daring”: less than $700 billion.
Ron Acer has 70 patents worldwide but has only had success on less than 20 of them.

[via cleantechnica.com]

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