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Sustainable Sneakers Made To Be Recycled Promote Eco-Smart Lifestyle


rekixx-Sneaker-Wall-Shot.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleShoes, specifically made to be recycled, are the latest invention, which is picking up enormous speed with its Kickstarter campaign to attract partners and customers.

The sneakers, ReKixx, are particularly interesting not only because the they have been designed and manufactured in a way that they should never end up in a landfill, but also because they come with a whole concept of an infrastructure that will recycle the shoes into brand new ones.

The sneakers are a creation of Gary Gagnon, who advertises the product as the first ever design that is not only trendy, but also eco-smart and sustainable. What makes ReKixx, a.k.a. Remyxx, unique, is the fact that a pair is made of only three fully recyclable materials, unlike any other sneakers that we own made of more than forty.  This allows easy recycling and reuse, and ensures that not only the shoes don’t get dumped, but also no single part of them does.

The manufacturing is currently taking place in China, however Gagnon takes care of the recycling in his homeland- the U.S.. His aim is to find partners from the retailing business, who could collect the worn shoes at their shops and send them back to him. The big plan is that he closes the loop, and in future uses only materials from recycled sneakers, rather than making new ones.

Gagnon sees the product as a tool to provide education and raise awareness. The shoes are way beyond only a fashion item, they promote enjoyable green lifestyle and stimulate eco-smart decisions.

If you like the sneakers, or the idea of them, go to the site of the Kickstarting campaign. Your credit card will not be charged unless the total goal of the campaign- $39,697 is reached.

Image (c) ReKixx

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