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Tanks Run Over Priuses, Lately – Help Save One!


tank-vs-priusI’m so pissed off after what I’ve seen today. I’ve been blogging about alternative energy, clean cars and environmental awareness in the last 5 years, and still never had the money to buy an actual Prius – the most environmentally-friendly car just a few years ago. This has been a dream to me for the past 5 years, and all I got was a gas guzzler that I now want to convert to LPG, so I can both be greener and pay less for the fuel.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, some f***#!s, s**t-e(#$ing a$$h0135 get their a## in some tank and guess what: they drive over this gorgeously-looking ’04 Prius and smash it down like a piece of cardboard. The worst part is that they show that to everyone – look how bad a Prius can get and how we can humiliate it in front of everybody (yes, they used “humiliate”).

Hundreds of thousands of man-hours of labor and thinking, centuries-worth of science and humanity’s best dream is now being shown off as “more environmentally-damaging than a gas-guzzler.” (excuse the ASCII codes, really couldn’t help myself)

Fast-forward to minute 21:

If you watch the entire video, you’ll see that sometime in the middle the Prius “accidentally” breaks down. I find that not very convincing – the thing went for almost 300,000 miles and oops… just for the sake of the show it broke and caught fire underneath.

I’ve had it – this is even worse than what Top Gear did when they gunned that 1st gen Prius a few years back.

The video infuriated me and made me want to shout it out loud more than ever:


I initially wanted to put my 25-mpg Alfa on LPG, but here’s what I want now:

1. Buy a second-hand 2nd gen (’04) or 3rd Gen (’09) Prius in good shape (won’t be more than $6,000 to $10,000). This car drinks gasoline at an average rate of 5 liters per 100 kilometers, or, in U.S. terms, 47 MPG, stock. For a thing of its size and weight, it is VERY fuel-efficient and doesn’t emit as much particulate matter as a diesel car, no matter how clean they claim to make them.

2. Give the Prius an LPG upgrade. Here in Europe, LPG is less than half the price of unleaded gasoline and is a way-cleaner burning fuel:


This will cut our Prius’s emissions in half (as per the chart above) and will cut the cost of fueling it even more. Think: gasoline is $8.8 a gallon here (except a few countries where it’s a tad cheaper), or 1.8 euros/liter vs 0.65 euros/liter LPG, European average.

3. I will retrofit the Prius with a new, $3,000 lithium-ion battery. By this, I will make this even better than many think it is possible. The efficiency that a bigger battery gives it will make the car get more than 100 mpg, which, combined with the price of the LPG fuel, will make it the most fuel-efficient car on Earth with the lowest emissions possible.

Priuses have been built by Toyota for at least 200k miles. Seeing the video above makes me want one. I don’t have the money to get one right now, but by trading my Alfa for some $2,500 I will get some head start. By going for a second-hand one, I will be recycling and giving new life to what those suckers above would’ve wrecked in a matter of seconds.

So this is what I’m asking you, respected reader:

Push the button below and help me buy a second-hand Prius, convert it to LPG and then install a bigger battery in it for more EV range and less fuel consumption – just for the sake of doing bad to oil companies and good to clean-running machines and their image.

Once I get enough donations, I will make a website and will keep the world informed of how I’m doing it, so others can do the same and enjoy a good second-hand (recycled, if you prefer) Pri. I may even open up a Prius upgrade service for those who want their car retrofitted but don’t have the means or the time, who knows?

It all depends on you to make other sick people not drive tanks over clean cars and then show off to kids who don’t know who they are yet.

So hit the button, show your rage:

[cpDonation id=’helpsaveaprius!’]

Nevertheless, either if you love this idea or hate it, show us that in the comments section at the end of the page.

Just bought a Prius and am happy with my purchase. Click here

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