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Good News: Tesla to Start Model 3 Production by Summer


According to the J.D. Power poll, Tesla Model 3 owners will tolerate potential complications in the electric vehicle less than the Model S and Model X owners.

Normally, compared to a buyer of Model 3 that costs $35,000, a customer who’d pay more than $100,000 for a Model S sedan or Model X SUV would be expected to be more unsatisfied with glitches. Yet, that wasn’t the case when there had been problems with falcon-winged doors, latches, climate control, and locks in Model X.

No matter what, Tesla seems to be having a great year thanks to the Consumer Reports. According to the report, Tesla was the top-ranked U.S. automaker for its reliability. Consequently, Tesla seems to have the kind of customer group that does not show extreme anger. Kathleen Rizk, the director of global automotive consulting at J.D. Power, said:

“Tesla seems immune from such disenchanted customers.”

Tesla k-now has 51 percent more delivery in total. Although Tesla missed its goal to sell 80,000 cars last year, it reached a 76,230 sold cars, which is as good. The fact that Tesla couldn’t reach its goal is thought to be due to the Autopilot hardware challenges.

Tesla expects to start delivering Model 3 this summer and full production to be done by September.

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