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Tesla Solar Roof Goes on Sale


Wave good-bye to regular solar panels, as Tesla’s revolutionary Solar Roof goes on sale.

The solar energy industry has been blooming over the last couple of years. Not only that technology improved drastically, but it also became much more affordable (and therefore desirable) to everyone.

Home solar power, in particular, went trough an incredible transformation. From being a luxurious hype among the rich, it became something that more and more people opt for.  As a result, solar panels are no longer exclusive, in fact, they are now considered a regular feature of every modern-day house.

Knowing that technology continuously improves, and new developments never fail to amaze, we had to wonder what would be the next greatest mind-blowing feature to spice up the solar market. Luckily, we did not have to wait long, and we have Elon Musk to thank for.

Musk announced that Tesla Solar Roof is now officially on sale.

The news was highly anticipated by everyone, who was waiting for the next-generation home solar. But of course, it also raised a lot of questions mainly regarding price, affordability, durability and competitiveness.

So, here is all you need to know.

There are two types of Tesla Solar Roof– one, which contains solar cells and one, which does not. The tiles with solar cells will be fitted in a way that solar power generation is optimal. The overall look of Tesla Solar Roof will be smooth and uniform across the entire extend of the roof.

Tesla guarantees that the tiles are highly durable and can resist quite a lot of pressure. The supporting animation on the company website shows a simulated hail storm, which hits the roof with 100 mph. It damages conventional roofs, but it does not harm Tesla’s Solar Roof even a tiny bit. In addition, the warranty extends until the end of days, or until the house is destroyed.

Last but definitely not least- here comes the price. According to Consumer Reports, Tesla Solar Roof will cost $21.85 USD per square foot, when already $24.50 would have made it cost competitive with regular roofs. This does not include the financial benefits coming from solar power generation.

The price came as quite a surprise, as many analysts expected a much more expensive product. Nevertheless, the tiles are still not quite affordable to the regular household. This is especially because the initial investment is very high. According to Tesla, the tiles will pay for themselves in roughly 30 years, which is also the time-frame in which Tesla guarantees solar power output.

To make it easier for everyone to calculate the price according to the square footage of their rooftop, Tesla has provided a pretty neat calculator on their website. It automatically gets its data from Google’s Sunroof Project, and it includes the price of a Powerwall home battery, and the tax credit. There are quite a number of additional options, and technical specifications that you can chose from.

The process from calculating the price to placing your full order is pretty straight forward. In the end, you are asked to pay $1000 deposit for one of the four possible options, and you are done.

The first installations across the US will begin next month, however Tesla will be going world-wide by 2018.

Image (c) Tesla

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