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Bananas Wasted at Alarming Rate In The UK!


The love of bananas in the UK is well documented, but what you may not know is that they are by far the most wasted food every year. Of the 15 million tones of food that is wasted annually in the UK, 20% of it is bananas.

It all comes down to buying and eating habits, and it is time for people to change how they view the banana.

While everyone likes different things when it comes to food, most people won’t buy a spotted banana. This silly preference is creating huge amounts of waste, and it is completely preventable.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with ripe bananas, and in fact, they are much easier to digest. Ripe bananas are favored by athletes as a quick pick-me-up, and they are perfect for making a morning smoothie as well.

Wasting bananas isn’t just about saving money, or the landfills, because today many banana growing regions are struggling to meet demand.

Banana output in the Philippines has been dropping recently, and there are many other places that simply can’t expand their banana production to meet the rising demand.

The solution in this situation is simple. People need to stop looking at food as something that can be thrown away, and start looking for ways to use food that is totally edible.

To some degree the supermarkets are to blame, and there has to be a holistic solution to this banana wasting epidemic. Markets should embrace the ideas of Selina Juul, who helped Denmark slash their wasted food by 25%.

There are almost always ways to use old bananas, and the markets would be far better served by leaning how to sell them, then by just dumping them into the trash.

Old bananas are the best kind for baking, and banana bread is awesome.

All it takes is a little bit of work, and people all over the UK could be enjoying delicious banana bread fresh from the oven, instead of wasting huge amounts of perfectly nutritious food.

Building up awareness goes a long way to helping people realize how easy it is to make big changes, but it isn’t going to happen on its own.

Paging Selina Juul!! You are needed in the UK…

[via theguardian]

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