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The Sustainer: Solution to Produce Electricity and Fuel in Remote Rural Areas


solarix-sustainer_frmvf_69The Solarix company found a new solution to produce electricity and fuel in remote rural areas. For example in the Africa countryside only 5-20% of the population has access to the electricity. For this reason the company has developed the Sustainer, a containerised installation that can be used in rural areas to convert seeds and oil-bearing crops into biodiesel and edible oil.

The seeds are stored in an integrated bunker which feeds the oil press. After the oil has been extracted, it is then refined into edible oil or it can be used as raw material for the biodiesel process. The ‘press cake’ by-product can be used as livestock feed. Many nuts have shells/husks that can be used as fuel for cooking. An integrated tank unit allows for the biodiesel to be directly dispensed into, for instance, diesel vehicles.

The Sustainer is equiped with solar panels and 4 wind turbines that generate energy. The electricity can then be stored in a battery pack or can be supplied directly to the grid which can, for instance, provide electricity at night or in the evenings. The system is also fitted with a 25 kVA generator running on biodiesel or diesel and guarantees a constant supply of energy.

The Sustainer is built in a standard 20-foot container frame that can be up and running within 12 hours and can be transported on a standard truck to any area around the globe.

Source: Africanews

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