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The Year 2011 Breaks Records For Greenhouse Gas Emissions


China remains on top of the World’s largest producers of carbon dioxide emissions, contributing greatly towards the new record of 34 billion tonnes of emitted greenhouse gases for 2011.

The German-based private institute – a German-based private institute, The Renewable Energy Industry Institute (IWR),  reported on Tuesday that although the global economic crisis caused a small dip in 2009, the world’s greatest emitters have picked up speed again. IWR director Norbert Allnoch warned that if the trend continues, by 2020 we can expect a nearly 20% rise in carbon emissions.

The figures from 1990 were far lower. A total of 22.7 billion tonnes, when the leaders China, the U.S, India and Russia. Out of the top 10 countries, only the U.S, Russia and Germany managed to reduce their emissions in the period until 2011.

The figures for the study were based on a survey conducted by energy giant – British Petroleum (BP).  This report is released just a few weeks before th annual negotiations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which will take place in Qatar from 26th of November to 7th of December.

One of the main topics of negotiation will be the renewing commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, since the first round of cutting emissions will expire at the end of this year. Unfortunately, agreement on a new global deal is not expected before 2015.

Via: Phys.org

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