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Toyota Hybrids Enjoy High Popularity in Europe



Toyota and Lexus hybrids represented 13% and 15% of their brands’ total car sales in Europe and America respectively, in 2012.

Toyota and Lexus hybrids had total European sales reaching 100,000 for the first time in 2012. There was a 29% increase compared to 2011 total sales as a result of greater demand for the hybrids, such that a total of 109,478 hybrids were sold in 2012.

The exact sales numbers were 83,699 for Toyota with Lexus models accounting for 25,779. According to Lexus, hybrid sales represented 90% of car sales by the company in Western Europe during 2012.

Looking back at the Toyota Prius which was introduced in European and American markets in 2000 with full year sales being achieved in 2001, it took only five years to cross the milestone 100,000 sales in the US whereas it has taken 12 years to achieve similar hybrid sales in Europe. Also, 2012 saw US sales of about 325,000 for Toyota and Lexus hybrids.

Although annual sales figures differ by a huge number when the US is compared to Europe, there are similarities in the percentages of hybrids sold when compared with their total car sales.

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