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Toyota to Introduce Six New Hybrid Vehicles By The End of 2012


According to a top research and development executive, Toyota Motor Corp wants to launch six new hybrid vehicles into the market until 2012 and to introduce an electric vehicle to the U.S. roads by the end of this year.

Toyota plans to bring the electric car to the U.S. market after a collaboration with Tesla Motors and also wants to unveil the car at the Los Angeles auto show in November.

From the moment Toyota launched the Prius gasoline-electric hybrid, it began to dominate the entire segment. The $109,000 Roadster, which is powered by more than 6,800 laptop-like batteries, has been also created after Tesla and Toyota have made a partnership in May to develop electric vehicles.

The company had previously said it was working on a small electric car that will be launched in 2012. Toyota made huge progresses regarding the vehicles’ quality, after a string of more than 11 million recalls globally during last year.

[Source: Reuters]

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