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More Details Revealed About Volkswagen’s New Hybrid Touareg


Do you want a car that will save you money on fuel, maintenance and buying price? Then, probably without knowing it, you’re looking for Volkswagen’s new Touareg hybrid going in at $61,110.

Although, I’ve got to admit it could do better in terms of mileage (20 mpg city and 24 highway), the vehicle is still a 25% improvement to the gas-guzzling V6 and V8 versions. Thanks to its hybrid system, it loses nothing in acceleration power, because of the eight cylinders hidden under its hood.

Speaking of its hybrid system, this one kicks in when the car is sliding along at a stop or just waiting for the green light, so the engine switches off and no fuel is being consumed. Even while going slower, the engine is the one recharging the electric motor, because you’re braking and that uses the motion as power.

So there you have it! You save money on brakes, which last quite long and, most importantly, you save money on fuel, not to mention car maintenance. Also, as a clean touch, you’ll find a lot less braking dust on the wheels. Well, I don’t know if that touched you in any way, but I guess I’ve already made my point with the fuel saving, haven’t I?

[via ABC Local]

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