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Toyota Prius / Harley Davidson Abomination Found on eBay

Toyota Prius vs Caveman
Toyota Prius vs Caveman

There are Toyota Prius drivers who thumb their noses at Hummer H3 drivers, and there are Ford F750 Drivers who thumb their noses at Nissan Leaf drivers, but I don’t think it’s ever turned as violent as this…

Imagine a perfectly-running Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicle, and then throw all caution and common sense to the wind. Forget everything you know about fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, and modern technology, and you might be getting close to the abomination that one could find a couple days ago on eBay. The 2008 Toyota Prius HD Special Edition AKA the ToyoHog or Toyota Prius as it was never meant to be.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate when someone modifies a car to improve its performance or capabilities. I did some tweaks on my Jeep Wrangler, but it always remained a 4×4. I never tried to turn it into a *gag* street racer. If I was going to modify a 2008 Toyota Prius, it would probably be along the lines of adding battery capacity and plug-in capability, or fine-tuning the aerodynamics. The ToyoHog, in my *cough* humble opinion, is a journey in the opposite direction.

Speaking of violence, this particular modder ripped the heart and soul out of the Toyota Prius, specifically the Atkinson-cycle efficient gasoline engine and the Hybrid Synergy Drive, as well as pretty much everything else inside the car, and replaced it with roll-bars and a 1986 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 engine. The builder describes his infamy this way: “2 Cylinder air-cooled engine with rock-and-stick technology that replaces the overly-complicated crap that Toyota spent bazillions of dollars and dozens of years designing and I spent a couple hours with a 10mm wrench and some wire cutters undoing.”

You wield your “Rock and stick” well, Caveman.

Image © spank226 on eBay

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  1. Pretty much backwards by all standards. Take an efficient reliable somewhat peppy eco car and put in the least reliable motorcycle engine available to have a car that’s way slower and uses more fuel and leaks oil just like every junk Harley out there. Do they have to keep revving it constantly just to keep it running like they do with it an a bike? Most likely


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