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UK Initiative Plants Trees for Recycled Junk Cars


UK recyclingInvestigators at the International Energy Agency estimate that by 2035 there would be about 1.7 billion vehicles plying the roads. It is hoped that most of these vehicles would be powered by advanced technology such as hydrogen fuel cells or electricity. That means that there would be quite a lot of internal combustion engine cars heading for the dumpster when more and more people opt for these alternative vehicles.

A UK initiative is therefore encouraging more people to opt for these vehicles sooner, by offering to plant a number of trees every time someone gives up their fossil fuel driven vehicle. This program is like one launched in Colorado last year dubbed “Trees for Trade-Ins”. Known as the “Scrap Car, Plant Tree” initiative, it advocates for people to trade in their gasoline vehicle to help raise money to create new environmentally-friendly spaces in cities in the UK.

With the knowledge that going green does not come naturally to many people, the program’s coordinators have made it very easy to trade in old cars to designated recyclers. Interested ones fill a form on the Scrap Car Plant Tree website with the car’s details and arrange when the car can be taken away. In about three days, the car is picked up and submitted at a scrap yard where it is auctioned off if roadworthy.

Scrap Car Plant Tree state that scrap car trade-ins would provide enough funds for 13 trees whereas a car auctioned off would provide enough to plant a whole grove. Although donors can propose a place where they’d rather the trees were planted, the final decision rests with Trees for Cities. Other vehicles that can also be donated are mobility scooters, ride-on lawnmowers and farm machinery.

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