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Unused Paint Can Be Recycled Due to New WA Bill


Picture 1Paint manufacturers in Washington will now be asked to establish ways in which residents will be able to return leftover unused paint.

The new law, known as House Bill 1579, will be introduced solely to help people dispose of their unwanted paint instead of having to store it.

Investors already gave a few suggestions to how this could actually work. The most likely solution is to set up drop-off points at convenient locations, such as major supermarkets.

According to the statistics, around 1.4 million gallons of leftover paint are being thrown away or stored somewhere within the household.

Leftover paint can also be a menace to the environment, as it can spill in waters and kill fish and other creatures. The oil it contains can infiltrate the soil and the petrol-based chemicals it’s made of can threaten the health of children, so I guess the bill is welcomed by everyone.

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