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Vinyl Records Turned Into Glasses, Love Them or Hate Them


slideshow_1Do you remember the vinyl records? These were extremely popular a good 20-30 years ago, but their glory kept fading until they finally got the “vintage” label. If you have a stash of these at home and wonder what to do with them, do not sign them off just yet. You can turn them into glasses, or give them to Vinylize to do it for you.

The small company Vinylize was stablished a few years ago in Hungary by the two very creative and innovative brothers, Zack and Zoltan. The invention came about after a long search for materials that can be recycled into something useful to society. The guys found a stash of vinyl records at their dad’s place and decided to utilize them instead of just looking at them collecting dust.

After some hard work and many years of testing, the Vinylize glasses were born. The guys developed a method, which insulates vinyl from the heat of the environment, by fusing it to biodegradable cellulose-acetate. This makes the material highly durable and allows it to be turned into high quality recyclable product such as the glasses (see demo video here).

OK, it has to be admitted that the shape and design of the Vinylize glasses is not everyone’s cup of tea, although the collection is quite diverse. But what makes them that little bit cooler than any other fancy brand around is the fact that they are made out of the most unexpected material. The price is a bit steep though. If you are now completely hooked up, and really feel like buying them, start saving- you need around $430 for a pair.

It is likely that vinyl records disappear completely, with future generations not even knowing they existed. In that sense, something like the Vinylize glasses can be seen as both the most unconventional products made of recycled materials and also something that will preserve a little bit of history.

Image (c) Vinylize

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