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WayCap, Reusable Coffee Capsules That Reduce Pollution and Costs


9a9850f8ac6dcb53e9c8b8115f38f9d5_originalWayCap provides reusable refillable coffee capsules for Nespresso Machines, which allow you to drink your favorite blend, while cutting costs and reducing pollution.

What is the price tag of convenience and what is the measuring unit- is it time, is it money? How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to get that extra comfort- 5 minutes, $50? Would you consider the environmental implications from your actions, or these have a lesser priority?

All these questions arise when taking about one single topic- disposable coffee capsules. In order to gain 5 minutes in the morning, thousands of people chose a little aluminum capsule with pre-selected coffee blend, which in most cases, does nothing more than providing a caffeine fix. Then capsule goes in the bin ready for shipment to the nearest landfill site, and everything is back to usual. Troubling scenario, isn’t it?

But, a promising project is here to save the day. Having just recently stared their crowdfunding campaign, WayCap is already climbing mountains. It offers a new type of reusable capsules for Nespresso machines, which are made of stainless steel and can be refilled with any coffee of any quality, strength and blend. In terms of costs, WayCap can save you as much as 85% of the the normal one-cup disposable pod. Translated into average numbers- a family of four, who use their Nespresso machine regularly, could save about 1000 euros a year. Not bad at all, if you think about it.
But there is more to why is WayCap so important. For starters, it is no secret that aluminum pods from Nespresso are unnecessary items that end up in landfills. In addition to this, their production and distribution around the world results in huge amounts of unnecessary emissions, as well as extra waste from materials and packaging. WayCap combines, as the makers say, best of both worlds- great coffee at no environmental cost.

There is also the practical side of WayCap. Along with the refillable capsules, you also get a dispenser, which helps you place the coffee in less than 30 seconds. Thanks to the unique system of WayCap, there is guarantee that quality and extraction will not be compromised. A coffee press, on the other hand, ensures that the process will be clean and the applied pressure will be even.

Now, the truly innovative part here is the patent pending unique shape of the exit system, “by slot”. This, together with the carefully calculated distribution of the holes that allow the water to flow through, ensures that you get the bets quality espresso from your coffee blend.

Last but not least, the makers state that their capsules are “infitely reusable”.

I am surprised that Nespresso themselves are not doing more about such type of technology. They pray on sustainability, but the only thing they offer is an option for the consumers to send used capsules for recycling to the company. However, they do not reveal how many capsules they actually receive back for recycling, and this is especially problematic considering that as from 2012, the company produced more than 27 billion aluminum capsules world wide.

They say that they will restrain themselves from revealing numbers because of they provide numerous options for recycling. According to them this presents a problem when it comes to estimating accurately recycling rates. What is more, they point out that the consumers are equally as responsible, as the makers.

I guess, since the responsibility should be taken by the consumers, then there is nothing better than just opting for the more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative- WayCap. The campaign has already exceeded the target, but they are still collecting pledges for the next 25 days. Go on, get your refillable coffee capsule and make a difference.

Image (c) WayCap

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