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New 3D Printer Filament Made from Recycled Potato Chip Bags


3d-brooklyn-filamentWhile often criticized for its not-so-green nature, 3D printing is one of the best liberal means of quickly creating objects from various materials right out of your mind.

Now, 3D printing can offer a solution for some non-recyclable plastics, such as various potato chip and other quick snack bags, which usually end up in landfills or in the ocean.

3D Brooklyn, a company that offers 3D printing services has come up with an idea of turning old potato chip bags into money and subsequently help the environment.

Terracycle, their partner, have found a way to turn plastic snack bags into pellets. Then, they hand those pellets to 3D Brooklyn that turns then into ABS polymer filament that 3D printers everywhere use.

This way, the company has managed to create cheaper ABS filament for their customers and save some polar bears and penguinsĀ in the process.

They say they can create a 1-pound spool of filament from 45 polypropylene and polyethylene bags, and sell the filament with $24 per spool.


Being a 3D printing enthusiast myself, I can see the value in what 3D Brooklyn did and am really curious how their filament behaves in my printer.

If anyone has already used their material, please let us know.

[via jetsongreen]

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