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P100D: The Fastest Accelerating Production Car on the Planet



When I first drove a Tesla Model S in the spring of 2015, it was a P85D. I had never felt such acceleration and torque before. Then, a year later, it was a P90D – a more intense experience, but somewhat similar.

The difference? Only half a second.

Now, after Donald Trump won the elections in the US, Elon may have thought it would be good publicity to make P100D the fastest-accelerating car on the planet. Bugatti Veyron is now being dusted: just 2.4 seconds 0 to 60 mph.

Of course it doesn’t really matter to most people, but to Elon Musk and maybe a dozen weirdos (me included) it does.

Aside from the insane acceleration being more of a publicity stunt than something really useful, a Tesla can really save lives, or at least save the day and avoid costly accidents like this one where a Prius was about to rear-end a Model S and the driver just stomped on the pedal and got away unharmed.

The news that the P100D will be the fastest production car ever came directly from Elon Musk’s Twitter feed, like most of the teasers he got us used to.

Good or bad? Let us know.

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