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AK1000: World's Most Powerful Tidal Power Turbine Unveiled in Scotland


Atlantis Resources Corporation has unveiled the most powerful and largest tidal turbine ever built, at Invergordon in Scotland. Dubbed AK1000, the new turbine will be installed at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, Scotland, later this summer.

AK1000 is able to generate 1MW electricity, being enough to power more then 1000 homes. It also has a cutting edge technology from suppliers across the globe, weighs 130 tons (stands at a height of 22.5 meters) and is equipped with an 18-meter in diameter rotor.

According to company officials, the giant turbine will have zero impact on the surrounding environment due to a low rotation speed whilst in operation (six to eight revolutions per minute).

“Today is not just about our technology, it is about the emergence of tidal power as a viable asset class that will require the development of local supply chains employing local people to deliver sustainable energy to the local grid. The AK1000 takes the industry one step closer to commercial scale tidal power projects,” said CEO of Atlantis, Timothy Cornelius.

The AK1000 system assembly and gravity base structure was created by Isleburn Engineering, a member of the Aberdeen based Global Energy Group, while the nacelle was fabricated by Soil Marine Dynamics in Newcastle in England.

[Source: Atlantis Resources Corporation]

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