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Modern Dishware Made Out of Recycled Coca-Cola Bottles


Nendo, a local studio from Tokio has presented their Bottleware collection at Designtide. Bottleware is a collection of dishware, manufactured from recycled Coca-Cola bottles. The used, green-tinted bottles were part of a program originally for washing and refilling empty containers brought in by customers.

The idea was to upcycle these returnable bottles that were no longer in use. So by the partnership of Coca-Cola and Nendo studio, this new collection was born, showing some pretty refined dishes, made out of used glass. They have redesigned five kind of dishware pieces, made from the bottom part of unused Coca-Cola bottles.

The design of the dishes is meant to keep the original look and specific design of the trademark, and it is crafted by glass artists from Japan. These glass artists from the Aomori Prefecture are redesigning the bottoms of glasses into some very fine dishes.

Also the bottom part of the dishes is carefully worked, so it prevents them from slipping on tables or slippery surfaces. On the Bottleware site we can find information regarding the unused bottles, that were taken out of circulation. Because of the long period of time they were used.

Also this might be a solution for smaller sized bottles that were taken out of use, and could be fit into the recycling and redesigning program. The upcycling program shows that unused bottles, that are no longer viable in recycling processes can be used as dishware for example.

This is a major step for Coca-Cola, giving a new meaning to the recycling process that they have used until now, and opening a gate for manufacturing stylish glass dishes.

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