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Bakey’s Edible Cutlery Could Reduce Plastic Waste


bakeys-edible-spoon.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleNew type of edible cutlery can put an end to careless disposal of plastic spoons and chop sticks.

Plastic pollution is an enormous problem, which continues to pick up speed. In many countries around the world awareness is being raised, plastic recycling is being stimulated, yet the amounts of plastic waste that end up in the environment are still alarming.

A promising new invention is the latest development that takes up the task to reduce plastic waste. Meet the healthy, free of additives, vegan edible cutlery, designed by the creative Narayana Peesapaty, a CEO and founder of Bakey, India.

Back in 2011, when the idea was born, Peesapaty established Bakey with the sole purpose to develop alternatives to plastic disposable cutlery and chop sticks. Five years later, the product is realized, and it is much better than initially anticipated.

This invention is not like all other alternatives to plastic that we have covered here. It is not a biodegradable plastic, or a less-harmful plastic- no, it is simply a new type of cutlery that can be eaten. Just like the edible water bottle, only a bit more tasty, and the edible coffee cup from KFC, only a bit more longer lasting.

Bakey’s cutlery is made of different types of flour that are mixed with water and then baked into the shape of a spoon (to start with). The makers use sorghum flour, which needs 60 times less water than rice flour. This means that not only water is saved, but also it can potentially create a new farming niche, stimulating farmers to move away from the dominating rice and turn to alternatives like millets.

Because it is made out of completely natural materials, with no extra coatings, or additives, it is perfectly safe to be eaten once the meal is over. Of course, this is not extremely necessary, as if you throw it away, insects, dogs and birds can eat it too. And if they do not want it, then it will decompose in less than a week. The shelf-life of the cutlery is 18 months.

Bakey offers special alternatives for people with slightly more specific tastes. The edible cutlery can be gluten free, and/or they can include some additional tastes from carrot, beetroot, spinach and spices. For a little bit extra money, Bakey can add other flavors to your spoons.

I have seen similar spoons made out of chocolate, but I guess these would be much more expensive, and probably not very suitable to eat hot savory soup with.

The edible cutlery is now collecting funds through a crowdfunding campaign. If it all goes according to plan, the first products can already be received in the end of April or first week of May. Show them your support!

Image (c) Bakey

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