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Biodegradable UFO-like Plates for Cleaner Picnics


ufo_disposable_platesTypically to humans is to use things and throw them away when they are of no use anymore. But nobody thinks of the consequences of human activity anymore. The biggest problem is that we pollute the environment with our indolence.There is still hope if we start recycling, and this can be made by all of us, in small steps until we make this action global.

There are many products on the market that we use only once and after this we through them away like picnic plates, for example. These are made of paper, paperboard, plastic, expanded polystyrene, or-more recently-bamboo. Even if many of these incorporate renewable resources, they are rarely recycled. They usually end up in a black plastic bag, together with all the rests that remain after a good barbecue.

Now it’s easier and healthier for the environment if we use the UFO (Unidentified Feeding Object) plates. Designed by Andrea Ruggiero from New York, this picnic plate can be disposed after usage by launching it into the bushes, exactly like a frisbee. On impact, the plate is broken into smaller pieces and become feed for animals (birds, squirrels or rats). Made from an unique composite of blended bird seed, potato starch, guar gum, and a seaweed-like binding agent the plate is highly resistant to wet foods, vinegars and sauces, but in the same time biodegradable, non-toxic and vegan.

The plates are designed for picnics, garden parties, beach parties or barbecues. The idea is great, helps the environment, feeds the animals and hopefully it will not take much until they will be used on a large scale.

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