New Mobile Energy Storage System Captures Excess Wind Power

New type of mobile energy storage system based on Lithium-ion batteries, has the potential to store 500 kilowatt-hour of excess wind power, which otherwise...
Tesla Motors to Build Gigafactory at Electric Avenue, MxCarran, Nevada

Tesla Motors to Build “Gigafactory” in Nevada

Leading up to the planned, and affordable, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Motors really needs to get lithium-ion battery prices down, which is the whole...

Imperfecting Carbon Nanotubes Makes Them Very Good Fast-Charging Batteries

Prabhakar Bandaru, a professor in the UCSD Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, along with graduate student Mark Hoefer, have discovered that artificially introducing defects in carbon nanotubes would increase their energy storage capacity.

Urine-Powered Batteries One Step Closer to Hitting the Market

Producing electrical energy from solar and wind power is a common way to replace fossil fuels with renewable sources. Although the name of the...
BMW's Electric Vehicle Could DOuble Range in Five Years?

BMW Forecasts Double Electric Vehicle Range in Five Years

Recently, BMW announced its vision for the future of electric vehicles that, in the next five years or so, we could see double the...
Up Close and Personal with Electric Vehicle Battery Cells

Understanding Electric Vehicle Batteries on a Microscopic Level

Electric vehicles, in the last decade, have become more affordable and reliable than ever before, but perhaps taking an even closer look can help...

New Mysterious Battery Technology From MIT Professor Cuts Price by 85%

Having received $6 million from ARPA-E and $10 million from venture-capital funding, 24M (whose name stands for "24 molar") is working with Rutgers University and MIT. Yet-Ming Chiang, the materials professor from MIT, who also founded A123 Systems, is behind the wheel and doesn't yet reveal any in-depth technical details about the new battery.
3D-Printed Rechargeable Micro-Battery for Tiny Devices

Harvard’s 3D-Printed Rechargeable Micro-Battery Targets Tiny Devices

Electronic devices continue to miniaturize, but the batteries that power them haven't kept pace. That could all change with a 3D-printed micro-battery recently developed...

New "Frozen Smoke" Material Could Become The Best Energy Storage Ever

Belonging to the family of the world's lightest solids, a new material invented by two researchers from the University of Central Florida, Assoc. Prof. Lei Zhai and postdoctoral associate Jianhua Zou could constitute the world's best energy storage material for supercapacitors and lithium batteries.
Silicon Nanowires

Silicon Nanowire Battery Has Three Times More Capacity, Charges Faster

Researchers at the University of California recently developed a silicon nanowire battery that could easily solve the range and recharging issues of electric vehicles. If there's...