CALMAC Stores Surplus Wind Energy in Ice Banks

While some green projects store the excess energy in a kinetic form, such as the fore-mentioned flywheels, others are inventing ways to use frozen water to collect surpluses from wind farms, which are more productive at night, when winds are stronger.
SolarCity's Plan is Simple. Could The Next Step Free Users of the Grid?

Tesla Motors and SolarCity Will Provide Green Energy Storage by 2015

Elon Musk has his fingers in many pies. Two in particular, Tesla Motors and SolarCity, could be a match made in heaven California. Elon Musk...

Volvo To Develop New Rechargeable Battery That Can Be Built Into The Car's Chassis

Volvo has found a new method to reduce the weight of electric vehicles and also a better place to install the power storage systems. Dubbed Tomorrow's Volvo Car, the new project consists in the installation of a rechargeable battery into the car's body panels.

Graphene/Nanotube Hybrid Produces High Performing Supercapacitor

Researchers at Rice University, led by James Tour, have created single-surface material for electronics and energy storage. The Rice team has developed a seamless...

New BatteryBox Backup Power Device Powers MacBook Air for 12 Hours, Lasts 5 Years

Everyone knows that the smartphone, the tablet and the personal notebook are the best travel companions, especially if ahead of us is a long...

Lithium Air Batteries Find That Gold-Platinum Catalyst Increases Their Efficiency and Lifetime

MIT researchers have just discovered an alloy that, if used as a catalyst, makes lithium-air batteries more efficient. This type of battery works by reacting the metal lithium with the oxygen from the air, and is very efficient at storing high amounts of energy (three times more than lithium ion). The industry awaits the development of lithium air batteries so they can be used in future electric cars.

Sodium Could Be The Next Best Thing For Rechargeable Batteries

With lithium batteries being the most desirable mean for powering devices, it is inevitable that their main disadvantage is highlighted. The element that powers...

SiC [Silicon-Graphene] Anodes Could make Electric Vehicles Viable

Electric vehicles suffer a major problem with public perception, specifically their battery packs. EV battery packs are prohibitively expensive when it comes to...

Hitachi Announcing 4.5kW Car Li-Ion Battery Soon on Market

Although it has many opponents even among green technology sustainers, the good-old battery still evolves to help us have those all-electric vehicles beneath us, and make us drive cleaner and faster than ever.
Silicon Nanowires

Silicon Nanowire Battery Has Three Times More Capacity, Charges Faster

Researchers at the University of California recently developed a silicon nanowire battery that could easily solve the range and recharging issues of electric vehicles. If there's...