New Concrete Plates Preserve Thermal Energy Storage Tanks

Increased annual energy production at significantly lower cost is the promise that engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas give to solar power plant...
ClicLite Solar Power Backup for Your Smartphone

ClicLite Solar Power Backup for Your Smartphone

How often do you get to the end of the day and realize that your smartphone's battery is down into the single digits? ClicLite...

Deutsche Bank Estimates EV Batteries Price Will Drop 50% In Next Decade

People tend to think electric cars will be more expensive and unaffordable than their petrol/diesel relatives. Furthermore, people usually expect high maintenance costs, because of the batteries.

Graphene’s Mechanical Strengths Overestimated, Scientists Prove

Graphene has been touted as the ultimate supermaterial - better conductivity, one-atom thickness, stronger-than-steel mechanical performance etc. However, Rice scientists have discovered recently that...

Planar Energy's New Printing Process to Improve Solid-State Batteries

Orlando-based startup Planar Energy, a spin-off from the National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL), found a new method that could improve the lifetime and stability of batteries used in electric vehicles. The company has created a new printing process of solid-state lithium-ion batteries. Unlike liquid lithium-ion batteries, this process can be used to print solid-state batteries that offer three times more storage.

Edible Hydrogen Storage Made From Sugar, Alcohol, Salt and Water Discovered

Hydrogen fuel cells are thought to be the best possible solution for our cars to run as clean as they can. Hydrogen, though, can only be stored in pressurized tanks, for the moment, and the mileage you get from a single fill is far from decent, or at least far from what we've been used to.
Hydrobee Stores Clean Energy from Flowing Water

Hydrobee Generates Clean Energy Anywhere Water Flows

There are millions of people in the world who have little to no access to energy of any kind, much less clean energy. Here in...
Basic Construction of the Phinergy Aluminum-Air [AlO2] Battery Cell, Just Add Water

Phinergy’s Recycled Aluminum-Air Battery Could Power Future EVs

Aluminum-Air batteries  are nothing new, but a recent innovation by Phinergy, as well as compelling test data, could solve electric vehicle range concerns. We all...

CellSage: A New Software Capable of Diagnosing Battery Life

Battery usage is a baffling push and pull of chemistry that is still hard for most to understand. A battery's ability to hold a...
Experimental Lithium-Sulfur Battery Could See Lifespan Increased Seven-Fold

Dresden Scientists Improve Lithium-Sulfur Battery Lifespan Seven Times

Lithium-Sulfur battery technology may be more powerful and less expensive than lithium-ion , but also suffers from a greatly reduced lifespan. Battery technology is one...