New Zinc-Air Battery Gets Charged by Swapping Its Electrolyte in Under 3 Minutes

In a time when people are trying to find a reason to buy an electric car, because of the time it takes to charge,...

Thermochemical Energy Storage and Concentrated Solar Power, the Perfect Match

Thermoechemical energy storage is a new approach that could finally breach the gap between concentrated solar power production and the grid. Solar power is on the...

Sharp Develops Vehicle-to-Grid-Like System That Uses EVs to Store Cheap/Green Electricity

Researchers have used a battery pack from an EV to provide 8 kilowatts of energy, enough for many kinds of appliances found in an average household. The Intelligent Power Conditioner is also capable of delivering 4 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity for the recharging of the electric vehicle's battery pack. This process took about 30 minutes.

New York's Flywheel Grid Regulation System Goes Online July 12

New York's 20-megawatt flywheel energy storage system is about to go online later this month, to provide extra bursts of electricity for stabilizing the grid. Beacon Power, the project contractor, says it built the world's largest energy storage in Stephentown, N.Y.. They'll even host a ceremony at the official launch date, July 12.
Tesla GIgafactory, a Pretty Big Deal

Tesla Gigafactory to Break Ground – in Two States?

Tesla Motors is planning some big developments in the future, and a lot of those changes hinge on the Tesla Gigafactory. The Tesla Gigafactory, of...
BMW's Electric Vehicle Could DOuble Range in Five Years?

BMW Forecasts Double Electric Vehicle Range in Five Years

Recently, BMW announced its vision for the future of electric vehicles that, in the next five years or so, we could see double the...
CODA Energy to Focus on Modular Grid Storage Technology

CODA is Back, This Time as a Grid Storage Company

There's still some life left to CODA Holdings, and now that the dead Automotive arm has amputated , CODA Energy can focus on something...

Ammonia Borane Hydrogen Storage Invented at Purdue

Purdue University chemical engineers have invented a method of storing hydrogen and releasing it safely without the need for high-pressure tanks, only by using the fuel cell's dissipated heat.
Sakti3's Thin-Film Lithium-Ion Battery

Could the Sakti3 Next-Gen Lithium-Ion Battery Change the Market?

Current lithium-ion battery technology, while far better than SLA (sealed lead acid) or NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) battery technology, still has a couple of problems...

Sun Catalytix Flow Battery Stores Hours of Energy from Renewable Power Sources

Sun Catalytix is revolutionizing the renewable energy sector by creating a flow battery that can store hours of renewable energy using inexpensive materials. They are...