Lithium Air Batteries Find That Gold-Platinum Catalyst Increases Their Efficiency and Lifetime

MIT researchers have just discovered an alloy that, if used as a catalyst, makes lithium-air batteries more efficient. This type of battery works by reacting the metal lithium with the oxygen from the air, and is very efficient at storing high amounts of energy (three times more than lithium ion). The industry awaits the development of lithium air batteries so they can be used in future electric cars.

Molten Salt Batteries, the next level to Solar and Wind Power Industry

A novel innovation of battery made out of molten metal was developed by MIT. Its vision is to cater the expanding solar and wind...

Pentadyne Seeks Funding for Using Flywheels in Railway System to Save Power

Pentadyne Power, based in Los Angeles, is seeking $15 million in funding to launch a flywheel energy storage technology in electrified railroads, to save the energy consumed when the train leaves the station.
The Gate to San Jose State University

Battery Technology Accelerator Started by CalCharge and San José University

Rechargeable battery technology development isn't dead by any means, and still needs plenty of research to perfect and improve it. There are perhaps billions of people on...

GE’s Compact Carbon Dioxide Turbine Can Power a Town

The latest development from GE Global Research is a desk-sized supercritical carbon dioxide turbine, which has the capacity to power up to 10,000 homes. When...
Panasonic's New NiCad Rechargeable Battery, with Stronger Nickel Positive Electrode

Panasonic’s New Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable Battery Bears Sub-Freezing Temperatures

Probably few of us have ever had the pleasure of being on an Arctic cruise and having your flashlight or radio suddenly die because...

Lithium-ion Batteries Live Longer with Added Pinch of Salt

One of the greatest limitations of lithium-ion, or for that matter any other metal-based battery, regardless of how perfectly it is made, is the...

Why Old Lithium Ion Batteries Die: Ohio Researchers Find Explanations

Because they're proposed to be used in hybrid and electric cars in the near future, it's an important issue to deal with if we want to have lower maintenance costs and, generally speaking, greener batteries, because of prolonged lifetime. Some Ohio State University researchers did an experiment to see why the batteries lose their original capabilities.

Revolutionary i-Battery Technology for Apple’s Electric Cars

Apple's future electric car might have a revolutionary battery technology on board. The competition in the world of technology is very tough. The major players...