Teenager Builds Homemade Nuclear Fusion Reactor

If somebody told you that a teenager built a nuclear fusion reactor in his garage, it would take quite some convincing until you believe...

Scientists Discover Huge Energy Source by Breaking a Nature Law In Ion Collider

Things are to be discussed, but it looks like scientists from the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, using their Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), created a symmetry-breaking bubble of space where parity, one of nature's fundamental concepts, no longer existed for a tiny fraction of a second.

Fukushima Still Releases 300 Tons of Radioactive Water Daily, Just to Chill

The Fukushima nuclear disaster's effects still have not perished. Not only it already made the Pacific Ocean toxic, it also regularly leaks 300 tons...

NASA Planning to Use Nuclear Powered Stirling Engine for Moon Base

NASA is said to be the forerunner of the newest invented technologies, even before the military puts an eye on them (or sometimes the second to use them). Still, some NASA officials have decided to use an old technology, such as the Stirling engine, to generate electricity on the future moon bases.

New Year, New Energy

Solar energy production facilities find their way in unconventional locations, to replace fossil fuels and bring new energy to degraded coal mines and nuclear...
Nuclear Waste Encased in Slag, Practically Indestructible and Compact

New Method Could Improve Nuclear Waste Disposal

Nuclear power, in spite of its inherent dangers, is increasingly being seen as an important stepping-stone to pure renewable energy. Nuclear waste, on the...

Nuclear Battery in Your Laptop

The US Airforce is said to have invented a battery lasting 30 years(!). It is made from some very weak radioactive material (it's still...

Clean Nuclear Fusion Now Possible Using Electromagnetic Waves

Two MIT scientists, physicist Yijun Lin and principal research scientist John Rice, using the university's Alcator C-Mod fusion reactor, proved that electromagnetic waves produced with the help of a Tokamak (pictured above) could be used to keep that plasma hot and make nuclear fusion possible.

Scientists Theorize One of the Problems Facing Nuclear Fusion

Fusion reactors are thought to be the mothers of all power plants. They'll emit no gases, eat up no polluting resources and provide all...

Ignitor: MIT-Designed Fusion Reactor, Built in Italy and Assembled in Russia, Better Than ITER

Originally designed for studying astrophysics, a fusion reactor of the MIT from the 1970s, called "Alcator", could be the base of another one to be installed in Russia and managed by Bruno Coppi. The new reactor is called Ignitor and, as far as the plans sound, it is ready to surpass ITER as both performance and time to go into production.