New Discovery Makes Piezoelectric Materials 25% More Efficient

A new project at National Physical Laboratory in the UK aims to develop a much more efficient piezoelectric energy harvester. They found a serious...

New Bill Could Allow California to Harness Power Otherwise Lost as Cars Travel Over...

We've been presenting over time how piezoelectric devices could harness energy from different sources, and I think we were right supporting this technology. The following is a Press Release sent to us by California Assemblyman Mike Gatto, who proposed a new bill that will implement piezoelectric technology already in use in Italy and Israel to harness energy from road vibrations.

Zinc Oxide Crystal Acting as Piezoelectric Material To Get Hydrogen From Water

A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have just discovered that crystals of zinc oxide, if submerged, absorb its vibrations and act like a piezoelectric material, developing areas of strong negative and positive charges.

Energy-Harvesting "Piezo-tree" to Produce Renewable Energy

A team of scientists at the Cornell University have developed an energy harvesting "piezo-tree" that uses the flittering of leaves connected to a piezoelectric stem to generate electric energy.

Teenager Develops $5 Device to Harness Wind and Solar Power

Thirteen years old Maanasa Mendu developed a $5-wind and solar hybrid system to generate renewable energy. Teenagers often manage to amaze us with their forward...

Yell at Your Phone to Charge It: New Piezoelectric Device Could Help You

Imagine that one day you could charge your mobile phone or other low-consumption devices just by placing them in noisy areas or by yelling at them. South-Korean scientists from the Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, are now studying a type of zinc oxide-based device that could do just that.

Single Molecule Piezoelectricity Opens New Opportunities for Nanodevices

Piezoelectricity – the principle behind a quartz watch, voice recognition software, microphones, etc. – is the conversion of mechanical energy into electricity and vice...
GE Dual Piezo Cooling Jets

GE’s Ultra-Thin Piezo Technology Used to Cool Future Laptops and Tablets

As electronics get smaller, faster, and more powerful, the devices we count on in our everyday connected lives tend to get hotter, requiring some...

Innowattech Applying Piezoelectric Technology To Railroad Tracks For Electricity Generation

After modifying Israeli highways to produce energy from piezoelectric pads installed beneath the asphalt, Innowattech, an Israel-based company, now applied their technology on railroads.

Piezo-Photovoltaic Device Creates Electricity From Wind/Rain/Sun

A new device that harvests energy from raindrops, winds or sunlight has been invented at the Institute for Materials Research and Innovation at the University of Bolton, UK. Elias Siores led a team who created a special polymer with piezoelectric and photosensitive properties.