Triton – The Affordable and Robust Wave Power Harvester

Triton system is the latest very promising development in the field of wave energy. Wave power, also often referred to as tidal power, has been...

Minesto's Underwater Turbine Will Power 4 Million UK Homes

A spinoff from the Swedish military and aircraft design firm Saab, Minesto has developed a new concept of underwater wave energy using a simple 7 ton kite turbine design. Exactly like a kite in the wind, the Deep Green underwater turbine collects and stores the power of the ocean.

Power Generating River Turbines To Be Installed Under Famous Parisian Bridges

After having installed the heating systems of some of their buildings based on underground springs, and mini-windmills on buildings, the people of Paris will have yet another clean energy generation project right under their famous and historical bridges. They call them "hydroliennes", or water turbines, powered by the river Seine (if you haven't visited Paris, you should).

Francois Kneider's Wave Powered Boat Working Principles

While about a month ago I was presenting an article about Suntory Mermaid II, a boat powered only by the movement of the waves, I am now presenting an inventor, named Francois Kneider, who in his seventies, continues to amaze the people who know him by the number of ideas he has and the innovations he brought to life. In 2005, he focused on building wave powered systems for boats.

UK Could Become a Leader in Marine Renewable Energy

You know what they say: hard work is not enough – you also need vision. Well, these days it seems this is the case...

HydroWing – Tethered Tidal and Marine Current Energy Generator

The SeaKinetics company recently has developed an innovative, tethered tidal and marine current energy generator known as the HydroWing, that is capable to provide zero carbon emission renewable energy by converting tidal power into clean electricity.
Wave Power, Renewable Energy's Red-Headed Step-Child?

Wave Power Lags Behind Other Renewable Energy Sources

As many have noted, there is energy all around us, and it’s not all locked up in fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources are varied,...

Florida Harvesting the Gulf Stream for Electricity and Hydrogen

Florida's needs of electricity have made scientists think about never energy solutions. The needs of 4-7 million homes are so big that conventional energy would be too expensive and pollutant to still be used.

Nova Energy's New Streamlined Tuna-Shaped Turbines Shaped To Be More Efficient

Kiyomi Suzuki, president of the Hyogo Prefecture firm Nova Energy Co., has come up with a new interesting project for the Seto Inland Sea that aims to produce huge amount of electricity from the energy of water currents, using streamlined turbines whose design resembles the tuna shape.

First Marine Energy Park in Scotland to Boost Fledging Sector

Scotland launches its first Marine Energy Park (MEP) in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters area. It represents the largest wave and tidal development...