Power Generating River Turbines To Be Installed Under Famous Parisian Bridges

After having installed the heating systems of some of their buildings based on underground springs, and mini-windmills on buildings, the people of Paris will have yet another clean energy generation project right under their famous and historical bridges. They call them "hydroliennes", or water turbines, powered by the river Seine (if you haven't visited Paris, you should).

AK1000: World's Most Powerful Tidal Power Turbine Unveiled in Scotland

Atlantis Resources Corporation has unveiled the most powerful and largest tidal turbine ever built, at Invergordon in Scotland. Dubbed AK1000, the new turbine will be installed at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, Scotland, later this summer.

WaveNET Floating Array Brings Back Hope in Wave Power

Although it has been around for quite a while, wave energy has not managed to compete with the big guys- wind and solar. The...

Researchers Use Wind Turbine Technique to Build Efficient Wave Powered Generators

Mankind has been adopting the working principles of natural phenomenons and animals since ages. Now, when it's time to learn from fish to develop wave-powered generators, it's also time to learn what others have learned from birds - and use them in the seas, to gather energy which they would later turn into electricity.

New York City’s East River to See Energy Turbines In Its Waters In a...

What do you do when your local population starts growing out and consumption skyrockets? The answer is you start looking at alternative ways to...

World's Most Powerful Single-Rotor Tidal Turbine Connected To Scottish Grid

Scotland has recently installed the first grid-connected, commercial-scale tidal turbine, thus making great progresses in the marine energy industry. Called 1MW AR1000, the tidal turbine...

Oyster – World's Largest Hydro-Electric Wave Energy Device Goes Online

Queen's University Belfast, Aquamarine Power Ltd. and the Scottish government have recently launched the largest working hydro-electric wave energy device, taking an important step for global wave energy industry.

Anaconda Bulge Wave Power: Incredible Rubber-based Power Device

Francis Farley, an experimental physicist (I like them much more than the theoreticias), has invented the "Anaconda" wave powered device. It can mainly be described as a large distensible tube, made out of rubber, closed at both ends and filled with water. The Anaconda tube is designed to be anchored just below the sea's surface, with one of its ends facing the oncoming waves.

Surfer’s Home to Use Waves for Power

Surfers in South Africa asked architect Margot Krasojevics to design them a home by the sea.  She designed them a house that rides the...
Power Matrix Game from Siemens Teaches Renewable Energy

New “Power Matrix” Online Game Focuses on Renewable Energy, Siemens

Siemens, basically the General Electric of Germany, has a lot of stake in renewable energy, from generators to energy storage. Siemens recently started a supercapacitor...