PowerBuoy-The United States' First Tidal Power Generator Connected To The Grid

Last year, the Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) company has developed a tidal power generator that has now been connected to the energy grid at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii as part of the firm's program with the US Navy to test wave energy technology, giving the US their the first-ever grid connection for a wave energy device.

15% of U.S. Electricity to Be Generated From Ocean Waves By 2030

From being like a drop in the ocean, the ocean being the national usage of electricity, tidal energy is set to become much more...
Wave Energy Converters

Wave Energy Converters: Are They Ready For This Century?

Wave energy converters are always specially designed to ensure that they generate maximum possible electricity from the movement of the waves around them. The...

Francois Kneider's Wave Powered Boat Working Principles

While about a month ago I was presenting an article about Suntory Mermaid II, a boat powered only by the movement of the waves, I am now presenting an inventor, named Francois Kneider, who in his seventies, continues to amaze the people who know him by the number of ideas he has and the innovations he brought to life. In 2005, he focused on building wave powered systems for boats.

Wave Energy – Easy Free Energy Resource

The wave turbine is a free energy device and is presented here. How it works is very simple, as anyone can imagine. Waves hit...

SAROS, Portable Desalination Plant Powered by Waves

SAROS is one of a kind, portable desalination plant, which converts sea water into drinking water, powered by sea waves. With climate change taking its...

VIVACE: Transforming Destructive Water Vibrations Into Electricity

VIVACE (Vortex Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy) is a newly invented machine harvesting slow-moving ocean and river currents. A researcher from the University of Michigan has come up with the system that works like a fish, turning potentially destructive vibrations found in fluid flows into electricity.

WaveNET Floating Array Brings Back Hope in Wave Power

Although it has been around for quite a while, wave energy has not managed to compete with the big guys- wind and solar. The...

Wave Treader: Joining Wind and Wave Power

By combining wind and wave power, the energy output can be drastically increased. The Wave Treader that enables the mix-up will probably be available on the market by 2011.

Deep Green’s Tidal Energy Technology a Game Changer for Sustainable Energy

The Swedish company Minesto has secured rights from The Crown Estate to perform tests off the coast of Northern Ireland to determine if they...