"Oyster" Device Harnessing Near Shore Wave Power

The Oyster is basically a steel oscillating wave surge converter. It is fitted with double-direction water pistons, deployed near-shore at depths of 10 to 12m. As waves activate it, the pump delivers high pressure water through a sub-sea pipeline straight to the shore, as seen in the picture above.

First Marine Energy Park in Scotland to Boost Fledging Sector

Scotland launches its first Marine Energy Park (MEP) in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters area. It represents the largest wave and tidal development...

Power Generating River Turbines To Be Installed Under Famous Parisian Bridges

After having installed the heating systems of some of their buildings based on underground springs, and mini-windmills on buildings, the people of Paris will have yet another clean energy generation project right under their famous and historical bridges. They call them "hydroliennes", or water turbines, powered by the river Seine (if you haven't visited Paris, you should).

VIVACE: Transforming Destructive Water Vibrations Into Electricity

VIVACE (Vortex Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy) is a newly invented machine harvesting slow-moving ocean and river currents. A researcher from the University of Michigan has come up with the system that works like a fish, turning potentially destructive vibrations found in fluid flows into electricity.

Oceanlinx Prepares to Deploy 2.5MW Tidal Power System Near Sydney

Engineers are performing the last tests and measurements before the grid-connection off the coast of Port Kembla, near Sydney. The system will be generating about 2.5MW by harvesting air pressure that will turn a wind turbine.

DeltaStream: UK-Based Underwater Generator to Power 1000 Homes

The unit has been invented by Pembrokeshire engineer Richard Ayre, featuring three generators mounted on a triangular frame and due to its floating crane it can easily be lowered and recovered from the seabed.

Aquabank – Underground Energy Storage and Production

Riverbank Power has developed a project that is of high interest. Water gathered in a bungalow on a river shore will fall in a 600m deep gallery where turbines are mounted. The water pressure will rotate the huge turbines which will create electrical power.

Anaconda Bulge Wave Power: Incredible Rubber-based Power Device

Francis Farley, an experimental physicist (I like them much more than the theoreticias), has invented the "Anaconda" wave powered device. It can mainly be described as a large distensible tube, made out of rubber, closed at both ends and filled with water. The Anaconda tube is designed to be anchored just below the sea's surface, with one of its ends facing the oncoming waves.

Swimming Pool Waves Can Produce 10 kWh Per Day, WFU

Nobody says that the best and the most valuable green energy generating technologies have to be large scale. In fact, as a smart person...
Georgia Institute of Technology Tribolelectric Device Could Generate Electricity from Wave Power

Triboelectric Device Could Harvest Static Electricity From Waves

Static electricity is all around us, from the tiny shocks you get from taking off your shirt on a dry day to electrical...