Interesting Floating Marine Solar-Wave Power System Designed By Phil Pauley

British designer Phil Pauley has come up with a unique, innovative design of a scalable hybrid marine solar PV cell (MSC). According to him,...

Deep Green – New Tidal Technology Uses Underwater Kites to Generate Energy

The Swedish tidal energy device developer Minesto has revealed its latest technology using underwater kites to produce clean electricity. Unlike other similar systems, the new technology, called Deep Green, is capable of operating in slower currents.

Anaconda Bulge Wave Power: Incredible Rubber-based Power Device

Francis Farley, an experimental physicist (I like them much more than the theoreticias), has invented the "Anaconda" wave powered device. It can mainly be described as a large distensible tube, made out of rubber, closed at both ends and filled with water. The Anaconda tube is designed to be anchored just below the sea's surface, with one of its ends facing the oncoming waves.

Oyster – World's Largest Hydro-Electric Wave Energy Device Goes Online

Queen's University Belfast, Aquamarine Power Ltd. and the Scottish government have recently launched the largest working hydro-electric wave energy device, taking an important step for global wave energy industry.

Whales Inspiring Unconventional Type Of Underwater Turbines

Underwater turbines are one of the many alternative energy sources, a technology which has seriously challenged scientists since the beginning, due to the low velocity associated with many tidal flows and the difficulty of extracting useful energy from low speed flows using current designs.

Wave Energy – Easy Free Energy Resource

The wave turbine is a free energy device and is presented here. How it works is very simple, as anyone can imagine. Waves hit...

New System Developed to Predict Wave Power Doubles Marine Energy Output

Researchers at the University of Exeter developed a system that can predict wave power. This offers huge possibilities in harnessing the full potential of...

India Plans to Build Its First Commercial Tidal Power Plant

Atlantis Resources Co, a London-based marine energy developer, had the idea of building a tidal power plant with an initial capacity of 50 MW. Gujarat, an Indian state, has already made some plans for the installation of the first commercial tidal power plant in India. The project will be organized in partnership with Guajar Corporation Limited.

Marine-Based Energy Generation Could Benefit From Wave Power Prediction

Alternative energy, specifically from renewable sources, has been under development for a long time. Wind and water have been working for centuries in windmills...

Toshiba Planning Commercial Underwater Ocean Turbines

The issue with the various alternative energy sources is that they are intermittent. You can't trust the sun or the wind to provide a...