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Citroen`s Hypnos Competing With Peugeot for Best Hybrid Car


In the more and more crowded market of hybrid cars, Citroi«n will unveil their Hypnos, a new diesel-electric hybrid crossover concept, at the Paris Motor Show coming up this October.

Hypnos has a 200hp engine, combining low fuel consumption and dynamic performance. The figures Citroi«n quotes are 50mpg and 120 g/km of CO2.

Peugeot is also introducing a new concept hybrid car at the Paris show, the gasoline-electric hybrid RC. The hybrid RC is a four-door GT coupé designed to provide a very high level of efficiency both in terms of performance (with potential maximum power output of 313 bhp) and minimal impact on the environment (CO2 emissions of 109 g/km in the combined cycle or zero in electric mode).

It seems like the two European car giants are already competing against each other in the battle for a bigger market slice. The other two, Renault and Fiat, already have present and near-future hybrid models for the public. The difference between them and the mainstream hybrid manufacturers are the prices, which are about to go lower, so everyone can afford one. Of course, economically speaking, what good is a hybrid for the average consumer, if its fuel savings cannot cover its price in the 8-year lifespan?

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