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Friction Heater Gets Almost Free Energy From Wood – Iron Friction


friction-heaterIf this friction heater truly works (and I don’t see why it shouldn’t), it is the greatest home-produced energy discovery since the wheel has been founded.

Lloyd Tanner uses an incredibly simple friction heater assembly of two 4×4 inch wood pieces, and an iron wheel spinning in between.

The friction between the iron and the wood causes the first to warm up so badly that it reaches 500°C, and can heat up the water in a recipient, producing steam… you may guess what happens next.

The friction heater runs with the principle that our ancestors used in their steam-powered locomotives, and steam cars. The steam causes pressure, which can drive an alternator (presumably taken from a car), which, in turn, can spin the engine causing the iron wheel between the woods to spin. Did I get your brains squashed, or not? Do you think this is perpetual motion?

No, a friction heater is not perpetual motion, since the extra energy is efficiently extracted from the piece of wood and could drive your home’s electrical system. I don’t know any figures, but they say it does. The inventor says he used about four pieces of wood during an entire month!

Watch the video yourself and then tell us your opinion, below, in the Comments section.

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  1. When water is converted to steam it expands 1,700 times its normal volume. Basically that means that one cubic inch of water when converted to steam will occupy 1,700 cubic inches of space.

  2. How much electrical energy did the invertor used to run the electrical motor for the whole month. Did he have alternative energy other then what the power company supplied his house. That motor should be no less than 1/2 HP to handle the force of friction without stalling. At full load 1/2 HP motor (120volts) uses up to 373 watts / hour. Plus there is water involved to create steam. So we are using energy to produce the same form of energy.

  3. @Xray Man No way, that’s not accurate. The motor turning the iron is using a huge amount less power than the steam being produced. It’s an alternative to burning the wood which would produce harmful smoke- but basically the same thing. The motor is using maybe 5% or less of the energy that the steam is producing, it’s the wood that is supplying the energy (the other 95%). The wood is the fuel, not the motor. The energy is not the electric power as you say, the energy is mostly all the wood only. Now the question is where do you get the wood from, not where do you get the electricity for the motor.

  4. People who are uneducated in the sciences only focus on the result (heat and steam power) without considering the cost in both dollars and power. No energy-transfer system can possibly be 100% (or more) efficient, as opposed to what the free energy wackos would like you to believe. Sure, this device shown in the video can heat a metal disc hot enough to turn water into steam, but you must consider how much energy it took to turn the electric motor which turns the metal disc, which rubs against the wood, which generates heat. If the motor draws, say, 100 watts of electrical power from the Mains, then the amount of heat that the device can generate can be only less than 100 watts. It would make better sense to run an electric heating element to heat the water rather than this inefficient contraption! This is NOT an energy generator. It is only an engery transfer mechanism, just the same as a standard electric heater. The energy is the electric power, which gets transfered to mechanical power (the motor) which gets transferred to heat power (the friction of the metal/wood interface) which gets transfered to steam, which gets transfered back to mechanical power (a steam turbine) which gets transfered to electric power. Now do you see the wasted energy cycle? You begin with electricity, and you end up with electricity with a lot of wated energy during every transfer!

    • Xray Man, this is wood we’re talking about. If, for example, you light up a match, you use your own energy (lost energy) to create the spark that ignites the phosphorus and the stick. After that, the hydrocarbons do their job and burn. That is what’s probably happening here, with the user inputting electricity to heat the wood and then the wood sustains this process. What’s important is that the wood is consumed, and it’s not energy from nowhere.

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  6. If this device can produce(not create) energy it is because of a process called carbonization. Carbonization of the wood, of course, turning it into charcoal and then ash. This process is exothermic and can be self sustaining. Therefore it may be able to produce enough excess energy to run a turbine or motor to keep the process going. I would not count on it though, due to all the losses and the efficiency of the over all cycle. If the design were optimized for efficiency it might be worthwhile for space heating as you might get a little more heat than just using the electricity in a resistance heater.

  7. What about the energy required to cut wood and transport it? I could see the device running itself, but not much more. Good try though, you have to admit its different.

  8. Stuff and nonsense.
    Imagine a wood fired boiler, generating steam and powering a turbine. This machine would not generate more energy than that (less actually) as combustion is more or less self sustaining and “friction energy” would require a relatively huge “parasitic” load to power the motor.

  9. Soory folks you never get out what you put in. the motor takes more energy to run than any output you can configue. BUT if you use a free power like wind or maybe a stream . then of coouse you can produce power in this method.

  10. Actually Bee, that is not perpetual motion. If nothing else that machine is going to wear the wood away and that wood will need to be replaced. I am not saying this thing is real and can actually work but I’m not saying it’s a hoax either. The friction that is wearing away at the wood will certainly produce heat and can therefore produce steam, it is simply a question of whether it produces enough to run itself.
    Hmnn… considering that the metal wheel must spin pretty fast in spite of two pieces of wood being pressed against it, and considering how much heat it is likely producing, I would say that this can’t work. But I don’t know the equations to back this up, so if someone knows how to calculate how much heat is being produced, and can then convert that to the pressure of hot steam and then the rotation of the metal wheel (this assumes that it’s energy is being directed to running itself and nothing else) then I would be happy to see the results of these equations.

  11. Well, one can use a wind turbine to spin that metal so you don’t pay for electricity to create that steam.

    But I guess it may be more efficient just to run the wind turbine and direct the power to an inverter to power a device rather than spin the metal, create steam, and pipe it to a steam engine which in turn creates electricity.

  12. “my name is Solomon Sami Azar” who is another crank saying he is from God. So did Mohammad who claimed to be a PROPHET yet he could perform no miracles. But he knew how to betray 700 Jews who surrendered and cut off their heads because they refused to become Muslims.
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  13. Come on people…you see something new and you can’t get your head around it. It does not matter that it doesn’t power it’s self although I think it would. Wood as a primary source is well within the carbon cycle and does not add to the problem. It does not have to be magic inorder to make a difference. Everybody wants to complicate energy production through technology, some of the simplest ideas are the best. Some one needs to refine the idea and make it better that’s all. Some think free energy doesn’t exist and for the most part your right. It had to come from somewhere to begin with thus not free….but there are ways of dipping into the vast energy reserves that are stored in everything. Where did this power come from? Who cares it exists so use it and be happy. Potential energy is based only upon what you can get out, so if you can get more out then the thing has more potential than you first thought. What you get out is an open ended math problem, and can only give you a small window to see what the true potential energy was or is. In short as we get better and better at extracting energy from our environment the potential energy in that environment goes up. We will never see the true potential.

  14. LOL, one born every minute, so said ol PT Barnuum.

    A steam generator producing enough steam to power a whole house but that you can lay your arm on and not get your skin scalded off. Try that with a hot teakettle and see how it works.

    If that were realy hot steam hitting that guy in the face he would have been scalded to death.

    It is a joke folks.


  15. @ mtorek re:does this brilliant idea create more electicity than it would require to run?
    Apparently it does. Here is a quote from the website: “The electric motor gets the electricity to turn the friction wheel from the energy cell it is plugged into. The energy cell gets recharged by the steam generator. The steam generator gets the steam from the boiler. The friction boiler will make more steam than you ever need.” http://www.blfdesigns.com/frictionheater/qanda.php

    It seems so simple yet brilliant.

  16. Okay….

    but what about the electricity used to spin the iron wheel?

    I’m not saying that we may not have run into a new way to leverage energy out of matter but this fluff piece done by a (clearly) fluff reporter doesn’t axe the big question: does this brilliant idea create more electicity than it would require to run?

    I’m not accusing this of being a Rube Goldberg machine because in addition to the electicity that runs the motor we are introducing the wood, which is depleted via friction to create heat. Rather I am looking for a definitive balance sheet from this clever inventor.

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