Friction Heater Gets Almost Free Energy From Wood – Iron Friction

friction-heaterIf this friction heater truly works (and I don’t see why it shouldn’t), it is the greatest home-produced energy discovery since the wheel has been founded.

Lloyd Tanner uses an incredibly simple friction heater assembly of two 4×4 inch wood pieces, and an iron wheel spinning in between.

The friction between the iron and the wood causes the first to warm up so badly that it reaches 500°C, and can heat up the water in a recipient, producing steam… you may guess what happens next.

The friction heater runs with the principle that our ancestors used in their steam-powered locomotives, and steam cars. The steam causes pressure, which can drive an alternator (presumably taken from a car), which, in turn, can spin the engine causing the iron wheel between the woods to spin. Did I get your brains squashed, or not? Do you think this is perpetual motion?

No, a friction heater is not perpetual motion, since the extra energy is efficiently extracted from the piece of wood and could drive your home’s electrical system. I don’t know any figures, but they say it does. The inventor says he used about four pieces of wood during an entire month!

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