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7 Incredible Green Computer Concepts


green-tinted-photo-of-a-computer-602x301Green alternatives to anything should always be the preferred option. The market offers everything from energy-efficient appliances, LEDs, solar panels, EVs, all the usual suspects, the list is endless. Where it is slowly becoming more interesting, however, is the field of green electronics, and especially computers.

Here is a compilation of a few eco-friendly computer concepts that might tilt the scale next time you go shopping for a new working station. They are still conceptual, but the potential that they hold is great. The exciting part is that not only the big computer companies are competing here- independent enthusiastic designers are up there too, setting examples, encouraging and paving the way to greener computing.

1. Laptop from recycled paper

The-recyclable-paper-laptopWith its humble and compact design, and made of recycled paper and pulp, this laptop could not only put e-waste to its end, but it will also put a full stop to the tedious search for computer parts replacements. As the designer, Je Sung Park, points out, you should just send the broken part for recycling, and acquire a brand new part, just as fast. The only problem is that the tech part is not quite yet developed.

2. Froot – a sustainable computer

Sustainable-computer-‘Froot’This one comes from one of the leading computer manufacturers- Dell. Their product is made of polymers based on biodegradable starch, and it is essentially both a computer with a fully functioning keyboard and a projector, which replaces the screen. In fact, anything could be your screen- from your curtain to your wall.


3. Solar powered laptop

The-solar-laptop-by-Nikola-KnezevicThere were quite a number of speculations around Apple’s new solar powered Macbook, but this is not the one I’m referring to here (you can read about the Macbook here). The solar laptop by Nikola Knezevic unfolds in three parts, one is the solar panel, one is the screen and one is the keyboard and mousepad. The idea here is that the battery is fully charged by solar, putting an end to that constant search for a power outlet.


The-EVO-PC-ConceptNow, this is an entirely alternative green concept that might not catch you at first, but once you see what it has to offer you would be amazed. It is a low RAM, low processing power, two-part computer that comprises of a client module and a docking unit. The PC is not so appealing on its own, but when connected to a remote EVA server, it becomes a portable remote computer. All components are recyclable and the makers guarantee replacement.

5. LOOP- a green desktop computer

The-LOOP-Desktop-ComputerThis one also comes from DELL, and it is all made of recyclable parts that can be rented from the company directly. This allows you to easily upgrade all components on regular basis, without having to buy a new machine at all. The company gives you their latest improvement, and recycles your old one. The parts can be replaced in a matter of minutes, as there are zero screws involved.



6. Life Book Leaf Laptop

lifebook-leaf-backThis concept is by far the most futuristic, yet very close to realization. A winner of the computing contest on designs of future computing, organized by Fujitsu, the Life Book Leaf laptop incorporates a super energy-efficient foldable OLED touchscreen. It also has an optically sensitive and super strong exterior, made of polycarbonate, which is also one big solar cell.

7. Iggulu Modular Concept PC

Iggulu-Modular-PC-ConceptThis concept PC is made entirely of recyclable components, which can be replaced online when broken. Everything is color coded, from the optical devices through the graphic cards and hard drives. I guess the whole experience is something like an online game, where you dress and equip your character with the latest gear and most fashionable outfit, and you’re good to go. Only that here, you get a green PC to play with, and not a virtual reality. Or, OK, one day you might get it.

Would you opt for one of these concepts?

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